1. J

    Did they close the...

    Legendary McDonalds on 3rd and Townsend???? Lol
  2. J

    Lyft app issue...

    Anyone not get any volume when you get a ping or new rider added for line??? Maybe it's my phone but just wanted to see if anyone else has that issue.
  3. J

    New Drivers

    Do some get PDB or PDB 1 only?
  4. J

    Ride Count Motivation Wednesdays

    What you guys at??? You guys mad at this thread again??? Lol
  5. J

    Anyone about to try amazon flex?

    ???? https://uberpeople.net/threads/amazon-flex-now-hiring-in-sf.111590/ Promotion for $150 giftcard extended to Nov 13th.
  6. J

    Break time. What you guys at for the morning?

    ???? 18/280 for me
  7. J

    Get up Uber Slaves

    Time to hit it lol
  8. J

    Sunday Night Check Ins

    What's your guys goal this week? Check em in, check em in.
  9. J

    What did all you do before Uber???

    Or what else do you guys got going on.
  10. J

    Friday Night Check In

    What you guys at for the week??? Come on every 120 from now on counts our Uber days are numbered.
  11. J


    Is Uber mocking us with 1.1 boost LOL. Why is boost this low. Boost should be at least 1.5x
  12. J

    Im starting a......

    Uber exercise program soon. Im charging 10% of your Uber income. You guys better invest in a gym membership or stop ubering yourself to death. Lot of 300+ lbs people driving uber. Its all good let me help you guys out no discrimination.
  13. J

    Looks like driving in the rain is pointless this year

    Doing worse today then regular days. Hopefully you guys are having better luck.
  14. J

    How many of you actually live in SF?

    ???????? If not where are you guys near.
  15. J

    Who is all driving in the rain tomorrow?

    I still haven't decided. Everyone be safe out there tomorrow and this weekend. Lot of noobs gonna be salivating over surge driving like mad men.
  16. J

    How is LA Driving?

    I drive in SF just wondering how busy is it down there and whats your guys incentives?
  17. J

    New Driver Insights Group

    Get the e mail?
  18. J

    Ride Count Wednesday's

    What you guys at for the week???
  19. J

    What qualifys pax for 1 star?

    What's an automatic 1 Star for everyone?
  20. J

    Lazy passengers

    Do you guys really always have to go to the front entrance, especially to AT&T park or any other major event. Always try to tell them. Lol uber made me realize the true laziness of people.