1. J

    Least Money Doing PDB

    This will be my least amount of earnings doing PDB 120 trips. Will be at about 1600. Isn't it funny how last years holiday bonus was this same week lol.
  2. J

    Driving too fast

    Dang slow down Uber drivers lol. You trying to die over that non surge uber pool ride??? Some you guys are maniacs.
  3. J

    Lyft Hourly Gurantees

    Anyone else's email blank? I opted in but can't see how much the HG are.
  4. J


    Drivers Insights Group was a waste of time. You guys remember Uber "Gold" Club. Some of you still rock those stickers LOL how sad. What's next???
  5. J

    Super Dead

    I know Wednesdays are slow but 20 minutes from downtown to marina can't even get a ping. RIP Uber no Holiday bonuses like last year either. Can some of you people that just drive for fun or are retired find something else to do?
  6. J

    Anyone else?

    Almost ready to retire from ride sharing? This is the last year for me. What do you guys plan on doing?
  7. J

    How has it been out there?

    Took some time off. Is Uber coming to an end??? Lol. TheWanderer the payouts still lookin the same? Thats all I care about.
  8. J

    Anyone still want to have that bet?

    Lol it got ugly last time, but who thinks they can do the most rides in a week? $500-1000 bet?
  9. J

    Are you kidding me??

    This much rain and this little surge lol??? They have that many drivers that are willing to drive in this weather???
  10. J


    Surge lol come on Uber don't do this to us yet we need that Paypah.
  11. J

    25 minutes

    And still waiting.....maybe uber should deactivate us certain days lol.
  12. J

    Happy Halloweed

    Expect a nice and regular Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Im thinking 1.6 boost throughout the day followed with some 2x maybeeee late night. Thanks to the thousands of uber drivers surge will probably be mediocre or non existent.
  13. J

    Least Favorite Neighborhood in SF

    Where you guys dislike the most? Reasons could be because of pax or driving or whatever else. Mine is Marina by far. Probably followed with Fillmore area. I really don't mind driving downtown. Its close though north beach area sucks to me too. Pax are the worst in Marina followed by Hayes Valley...
  14. J

    1.1 boost

    In the rain??? I don't get it.
  15. J

    How many rides we doing this week?

    What's the plan fellas???
  16. J

    Ride Count Saturdays

    Where we at fellas???
  17. J

    Pax waiting

    Lol its funny when you get a ping and you wait like 2-3 minutes before driving to them and they cancel or they get all upset and say the app said 3 minutes and it took 10. Its pretty interesting to see that most ppl really only care about themselves and are so into themselves. How long you...
  18. J

    Favorite lunch spots???

    Where you guys go on your breaks?
  19. J

    What happened today in SF?

    Lot of police and helicopters/airplanes out. Traffic is also horrible.
  20. J

    Uber Racism

    Now that I have your attention. Ubers Driver's are....what you guys think? 35% Asian/Phillipino etc... 10% White 10% Hispanic 35% Black 10% Other Am I way off???