1. Working4peanuts

    Sarah Sanders got kicked out of restaurant Sarah Huckabee Sanders Was Kicked Out Of A Restaurant Because Of Trump The White House press secretary was asked to leave The Red Hen in Virginia. By Sara Boboltz 06/23/2018 01:57 PM ET | Updated 3 hours ago 86 Sarah Huckabee Sanders...
  2. S

    Really? Why aren't these persons caught before putting our side hustle in a bad light?
  3. D

    The latest UBER promotion.

    Has anyone seen this Gem they have just come out with? Sounds like you pay $10 and they guarantee the same rate for a month for one given route in both directions, regardless of surge. Sounds dumb. Not sure. Don't drive UBER anyway.
  4. Terri Lee

    Uber Pay Missing

    Wednesday morning is when Lyft & Uber always do the direct deposit. Uber payment is MIA so far. Anyone else?
  5. Working4peanuts

    Pool haters read this thread
  6. E

    New Passenger Feedback Rating Options needed

    Keep getting more and more riders that wreak of ganja on trip request lately. Some smell so strong that I have actually turned down additional pool request on the trip that they are on just to spare the new passenger from the smell. Always ends up driving around after for about 10 minutes with...
  7. Working4peanuts


    Uber is effing us on tolls. I assume it is because sunpass is down for maintenance. Took the turnpike and uber wouldn't pay me the toll. I will check sunpass on Wednesday when they're back up and email rohit with the screenshot. Check your trips. We make almost nothing and uber is trying to...
  8. Working4peanuts

    Uber CEO Wants Employees to ‘Have the D’

  9. Working4peanuts

    Uber driver salary is now officially $10/hour

    It seems like whenever you get close to getting over that they don't give you any rides for awhile so you can't exceed that. The new policy seemed to start this week. Any x driver that claims to be making more than that consistently now is lying. I've spoken to a number of drivers that are...
  10. Working4peanuts

    I got a ticket today but that's not the interesting thing about what happened

    I got a ticket today. Something to do with turning. Will fight it in court thanks to my dashcam. Here's what i find extremely interesting. As I've been told to do, i immediately put both hands On the wheel and told the cop i was armed. He casually asked me where it was and i told him it was on...
  11. Working4peanuts

    Memorial day weekend- rain, rain and more rain

    Be careful out there Miami. And turn off your app when it rains. No need to drive anyone inn bad weather at base rate... Tornados forecast for Sunday.
  12. Working4peanuts

    Trust me, NONE of you has had as bad a poo as this
  13. Working4peanuts

    You're not going to help me put my grocery bags in your trunk for my trip down the street?

    This is the look you'll get What did she expect for a $4 ride? Entitled biatch.
  14. UberGuy2k18

    Assaulted by Lyft Premier "passengers"

    Not the highlight of my rideshare experience, but I got a request for a Premier ride during the weekend of the concert at the Hard Rock Stadium, which came out of North Miami. I got to the pickup location and two black males approached the car, one saying my name. I roll the window down to...
  15. Working4peanuts

    This paxhole takes the cake

    Get a ping in Weston. Pull into driveway. Call pax. Says she's coming out. Early in the day so i decide not to wait and start the ride. After all, it's a house, she says she's coming out and figured she wasn't going to publix. 5 minutes pass by. No sighting. 8 minutes or so. I call her. No...
  16. Working4peanuts

    Trump just screwed uber drivers

    Oil has been going higher this past week because traders were anticipating trump pulling out of the Iran deal. Now that he did, oil going higher. He's single handedly going to get us in a war. Both internal and external. Impeach the idiot now before it's too late. $3.00 gas coming real soon.
  17. Working4peanuts

    YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED-unaccompanied minors

    I drove two 17 year olds today. They lied about their age and then fessed up. I proactively emailed uber about it. Here's their response. Please do not drive any minors. Uber will deactivate you. All it takes is one paxhole complaining and you're done. Note That when i responded to their email...
  18. S

    What if rideshare companies stop giving credits or money back when pax bad rate drivers?

    Seriously what if this was possible. Would ride requests go up or down?
  19. S

    How affordable is geico hybrid insurance in south florida?

    I am asking out of curiosity. As if one does this part time how can one afford these rates they're asking a potential client to pay? Insurance is a complete Houdini in my opinion. Money people could save and go on trips and stuff are sent monthly to these companies for security nets that when...
  20. U

    Considering Moving to Miami from SF, What am I getting myself into?

    Long story short, thinking of moving from SF to Miami (better weather, lower taxes/cost of living, closer to elderly parents in NY) and would need to drive for Uber/Lyft until my pharmacy license transfers over (~6 months). Seems like Miami is the worst market in the US for rideshare driving...