miami uber

  1. Manotas

    This is what Uber thinks for the tipping option Uber Under the Hoodyesterday2 min read Our approach to tipping Last week, we settled two class-action lawsuits in California and Massachusetts. As part of that settlement, we agreed to clarify our approach to...
  2. real_deal

    Is their a site or blog that keeps track of what uber drivers charge in each city ?

    Ive had uber customers from new York city tell me they charge higher rates. I have a friend that talked to an uber driver from Chicago that told him they also charge more .
  3. K

    Uber Select/XL Miami

    Hey Guys! getting out of the uber business for a while! some of my colleagues here in miami might be happy with that! and i am selling my Uber xl & select lincoln mkt 2010 pearl white 7 seater ! low miles and already approved in Miami, see link here and let me know your best offer. listed on...