miami international airport

  1. Uber Brazil/USA

    MIA staging lot?

    Is there a staging lot for MIA like FLL or just FIFO zone. If not, where do u guys wait?, What about PBI? Thanks!
  2. Manotas

    Had to tell a pax not to use Uber Pool

    Yesterday I had a 5.0 Uber Pool very nice woman ask me why drivers keep canceling on her: -Pax: can you tell me what is my rating? -You're a 5.0 -Pax: Then why am I having a hard time getting a car? I keep getting cancelled or the cars near me ignore my request -Because you're requesting...
  3. J

    Got ticketed at MIA upon dropoff - Nov. 20

    Hey guys... got two tickets today at Miami International Airport when dropping off a passenger. Watch out.
  4. Bentley S.

    MIA que system and cancellation

    After 40 minutes of waiting at MIA, I got a request and immediately got cancelled by a rider:( I believe my place in a que was reset. After 30 minutes, same thing happened. Are taxi drivers playing with us at MIA????