miami airport

  1. Pookiez

    There is no queue at the airport ?

    Hey guy just a noob here with a noob question. I noticed about two minutes ago there was no queue at the airport is this something new or is my app having problems ?
  2. JSM0713

    Has anyone noticed a surge appearing at MIA recently?

    I'm looking right now at my Uber Partner App.... there's almost a constant 1.3x surge at MIA. Is that true? Is there a change in policy by Uber to allow for a surge at MIA??? Anyone out there, please let all of us know. The surge just jumped to 1.4x! Going to the airport queue again just might...
  3. makes_sense

    GAME CHANGER RIDE 2 MD is now open for business (MIAMI HERALD )
  4. JSM0713

    MIA - what's going on in the queue

    Logic tells me there's something fishy going on at the MIA Geozone on 22nd street just east of 37th Avenue. A group of guys are hanging out just off 37th Ave and 22nd street, I assume they're Uber drivers, just standing around chit chatting. I've observed numerous cars pulling up, stopping by...
  5. Manotas

    Lyft MIA new procedures

    huh??? These are Lyft's new regulation for MIA... I'm trying to figure out where is it that we're supposed to pickup the Pax? It says pickup in arrivals. Does this mean anywhere in arrivals?
  6. S

    Airport Queue Issue

    I work the Airport in Miami. I have noticed in the past week, that the "text messages" we receive from Uber to (Please head towards the Arrival section by.....) are coming in even while the Queue is high (18-30 minutes wait time). Other Drivers including myself, are not receiving the...
  7. BAKAD

    Got stopped at Miami airport

    What looked like a code inspector with a badge, a nice guy, came up to me as I was dropping off a rider at Miami airport. He asked me where I was coming from and I said Fort Lauderdale, he wanted proof so I showed him the waybill. He said it was okay to drop off a rider from Lauderdale...