1. Pax Collector

    One year on UP

    So, turns out, one year ago, today, I bit the bullet and became a full-fledged member. Best decision ever. I managed to learn a lot from all of you wonderful people, help others as much as I could and spend my boring pointless days surfing the forums. @Rakos Thank you for all your hilarious...
  2. Halfmybrain

    Anyone here do YouTube videos?

    I saw the following video and wonder if anyone here has done videos like this one by "Rideshare Revolution," apparently a Chicago driver.
  3. Whoanelly

    Exclusive!!!! Leaked audio of Uber Board meeting-Travis Kalanick absent
  4. vdaddy

    Greetings from Noob

    Hey yall, new member to the forum but long time reader Just poppin in to say hey ;) Lots of great info here, been drivin for both U/L for a little over a month
  5. JoelQ

    If you guys hate Uber so much, why are you still here?

    In nearly every post in this forum, the same few guys are leaving the same comments over and over. "Uber sucks." "You won't make a dime!" "It's awful!" "You should quit Uber!" If that's your opinion, fine. But then... why are you still here? Why are hanging out in this forum, everyday, talking...
  6. MrsUberJax

    Right now there are 500 "people" online in this forum...

    500 people are in this forum, viewing the content right now. (Hello & welcome!) of those 500 people only 90 are members. Guests & Members online, this is how it is here, today, yesterday, the day before. Why? Come on in folks, the water is fine. Pick a unique user name & join the...