1. ituber

    Custom Number Plate

    Hello Guys, Hope you all are doing well. Now I was thinking to buy a custom Number plates (Funny) I applied for STOL4N and even paid, after few days I got a letter saying they have refunded the money as they cant approve the plates. I want suggestion from you guys if someone can suggest me. I...
  2. J

    Uber drivers of Indian or Pakistani Heritage

    Hi Uber Drivers! I have a question - if you are from India or Pakistan and are driving Uber, do you find it difficult to find authentic Indian/Pakistani meals while on the road? Do you find places are average or not good enough? If you know of any places that even come close, let me know!
  3. Melbourne Bro

    Which companies can be trusted? Renting a car, cleaning vomit, getting insurance, etc.?

    So I'm currently signing up to become an Uber Driver in Melbourne (yay!) and I'd like to be well prepared before my first trip. I don't yet own a car and I'm still waiting for my driver accreditation to become approved. A few things I want to know: 1) Which car should I rent and from what...
  4. Djhuber63

    Oh, the Places You'll Go!

    Pushing deep into YVR territory today. Pitstop at Office works Chirnside park. Got Water and Mints on YVR account! Good ant! Super Top Extras! Waiting for that 40+ on 2.5 surge to get back to civilisation ?
  5. DA08

    Saw this today... Lol

    Saw this today and I thought of all the ants out there... Heheh lol
  6. S

    Overseas license

    Hey Guys! I just wanna know whether I can register for Uber Eats to deliver by car with my Overseas driver's license. If I cant, can I still register for bicycle and then use my car for delivery? Thanks in advance!
  7. U

    No stopping fine Melbourne CBD

    Hey guys, just looking for some advice. So I got a $161 fine for 'stopping in a no stopping area' on Exhibition Street, Melbourne CBD at 9.11AM. Obviously I was either picking up or dropping off a rider. I went to the website and they had a photo. It shows my car with left indicator on, rear...
  8. G


    So, i have been doing uber eats for about 2 months. It is always my secondary job and dinner time is my usual hours to work. However with the current holidays of new year and christmas, i can't figure out one thing which is, why there is decline in the numbers of deliveries i get now. Nothing...
  9. Djhuber63

    “Sorry I don’t do Pool Mate”

    Huge laugh today as I was delivering pax to Brunswick, new job pinged around the corner. Headed off to collect rider to notice “rider is walking to the pickup point” D’OH! It’s pool! I hadn’t noticed the minuscule “pool” identifier because the sun was in my face and I was busy seeing off my...
  10. C

    Uber eats & Ratings: No BAG? But i always bring a bag

    The delivery rating system is odd and flawed IMO. I understand late pick-ups and deliveries are almost always unavoidable but they still penalise you for it (most of the time it's because of traffic), but I recently got penalised for not bringing a bag to certain locations. But this is...
  11. GoGoPowerJuice

    Looking for Driver Feedback on Product Development!

    Hi fellow drivers! I'm a founder for a startup in Florida called GoGoPowerJuice, and we're developing a new product for rideshare drivers. We understand that there are high costs for being a rideshare driver for: Gas Car related expenses (maintenance, car payments) High rideshare platform...
  12. Chirsg

    [Australia, Melbourne] Is late night driving low ratings an issue?

    Apparently in America, drivers will take a hit when driving late nights and weekends. Is it the same as Australia, more specifically, Melbourne?
  13. Daniel Rombouts

    GPU Is launching in Melbourne - Join the Community!

    Get Picked Up (GPU) are launching in Melbourne this week; How we are different from the others.... We offer customers Prebooked Journeys and Fixed, Upfront Prices - This suits people who like to plan their week ahead of time. We pay you 5% lifetime commission of all fares from customers...
  14. L

    Tax Time.

    Does Uber Melbourne have an ABN? Sitting here, trying to fill out a tax return, realising that I cannot source Uber's ABN from ANYWHERE. Any clues or hints??? Cheers
  15. That

    GST question

    Hey guys, I have noticed on the Pax Uber receipt that GST is not listed under the fare cost breakdown which tells me that GST is not passed down to the passenger but the driver is absorbing the tax cost. Is this so and if so I have never seen this before. What are your thoughts?
  16. Jack Malarkey

    Using a motor bike for UberEATS in Melbourne

    I have noticed during my current short trip to Melbourne the many motor bikes parked on the footpath in the Melbourne CBD. This is especially noticeable in Elizabeth Street. I understand that it's legal to park motor bikes on the footpath in Melbourne. (Is this the case in all council areas?)...
  17. Grand

    ⭐️Melbourne Newbie Guide⭐️

    Hi and welcome to the forum.:) This is an introductory guide if you are new to the forum and/or new to ride sharing. NOTE: This tread contains information current at the time of original posting. Please research further as there are recent changes to legislation etc. Some links are no longer...
  18. joffie

    Its just not worth it

    Well, after over a year of driving and owing the tax office around $3K ($2100 income tax 2016 + $995 Q4 GST + PAYG Income tax installment) I have decided that UBER driving is just not worth it in 2017. You actually end up losing lots of what you earn, and even though we get GST credits, after...
  19. Quokka

    Super Bowl advice?

    I am assuming people will be going TO bars before the game, so going downtown (I'm in Melbourne/Pam Bay) to find passengers seems counterproductive. The question is, where to pick people up? They'll be leaving FROM their homes, won't they? So where do I maximize my pick ups before the game...
  20. Drivingthecattlehome

    Melbourne Forum boring, always same whingers.

    Melbourne Forum is so boring and negative always the same whingers on there who think they own the forum. Infact any other city forum is of much better value.