melbourne airport

  1. Jack Malarkey

    Touting at Melbourne Airport

    After landing at Melbourne Airport, I noticed a sign warning about touts. No sooner had I read the sign than someone in the terminal offered me transport by car. I declined. It reminded me of Bali but it was much colder. SkyBus met my needs well.
  2. Daniel Rombouts

    GPU Is launching in Melbourne - Join the Community!

    Get Picked Up (GPU) are launching in Melbourne this week; How we are different from the others.... We offer customers Prebooked Journeys and Fixed, Upfront Prices - This suits people who like to plan their week ahead of time. We pay you 5% lifetime commission of all fares from customers...
  3. Lion King

    Not getting requests from airport

    In the last few weeks I don't seem to get requests while waiting around McDonalds at the Mickelham exit. After a drop off to the airport I used to get within 10-15 min a request with a follow up call to be picked up from a terminal. Suddenly this doesn't seem to work any longer. Any advice from...
  4. Yawen

    Any uberx available for a 6am trip?

    Any uberx available for a 6am airport drop off from Reservoir on 26th dec boxing day?