1. theheavyd

    Off topic: Gig Economy Meetup

    Hi Everyone, I have some friends that are working Uber/Foodora/etc. I found that they are not maximizing their opportunities of working in the Gig Economy. I wanted to put a feeler out there to see if people would be interested in a Meetup with a panel of experts that could provide tax tips like...
  2. Desertrose

    Breaking News: ... Carnivore Deluxe calls UberPotomac a Communist

    Please post all your breaking news stories here: Preferably personal ones. I have posted recently that I want to be in tech. So, I finally came to the conclusion that I am going to teach myself how to code. I am self-learning each day how to code and I've learned to manipulate some codes of any...
  3. New2This

    Redskins/Eagles Golden Corral Shufflethon and Meetup Sunday?

    Anyone have any interest in a Meetup at Golden Corral near FedEx Field Sunday? 4 Shuffles should cover food, 5 if you want to tip. Since it's a late game maybe 5:30-6? I'll definitely wear the Aikman jersey to trigger and troll Eagles fans.
  4. K

    "Special" meetup- Oct- for drivers looking to get OUT

    Hi all. Driving sucks. Now it sucks even harder since they've fundamentally changed how drivers are compensated. I'm personally tired of making other people money- especially ungrateful people who take the lion's share of the money I've done all the work to make. We aren't dumb people. I...
  5. GGDaddy

    A Tip of the Glass, A Shuffle of the Pax

    Let us spread the word far and wide. Capital City Brewery, the birthplace of the Shirlington Shuffle--later known by Uberites and Lyftonians everywhere as the "Shuffle"--is no more. We must ensure that this great loss to our culture does not transpire without the recognition it warrants. Ahh...
  6. HPClays

    Nov/Dec Meet-up Sunday Dec 3rd 1-4pm

    Capitol City Brewing Company in Shirlington, approximately 1-4pm Come early, stay late, whatevs.
  7. DeplorableDonald

    Deplorables Meetup Wednesday October 25th

    Since Desertrose has been MIA (probably sunning her buns in some tropical locale) we haven't done a Meetup in a while. How about Wednesday the 25th at our old stomping ground: Capitol City Brewing Company in Shirlington. Say 5:00 on? For the new folks, this is a great way to get some tips and...
  8. DeplorableDonald

    Head Count For Nats Game Sunday Aug 13

    Hey everyone, RESCHEDULED DUE TO RAIN OUT FRIDAY: We talked about doing an informal Meetup at the Nats game Sunday at 1PM I believe Another Uber Driver said he would make an appearance. Who's in? ********** Mod Edit: Section 408 Tix...
  9. DeplorableDonald

    July Meetup

    Since Desertrose is sunning her buns on yet another vacation (the life on an Uber Driver right?) she hasn't posted the latest Meetup info. I believe the talk was Capitol City Brewing Company in Shirlington next week. How about next Tuesday July 11 from 5-7? This way people can plan ahead for it.
  10. TheRush

    Moving to the Atlanta area.

    Well I am currently working in the winston-salem, nc market with uber and lyft. My main nights are the weekends and mostly the wake forest collage crowd. We are putting the house on the market and moving just north of atlanta. And I would like to keep up the extra weekend income. Is uber or...
  11. AVLien

    Meetup Group

    I have a Meetup group ready to roll, I just need to know if people would be interested. I don't like exclusion, so I want to know there is an interest before I drop my monies on it. Meetup is a paid service, but I made enough in an hour the other day when it snowed to cover it. Also, there is a...
  12. Uber_duber

    I might be done

    I have only a few weeks left until I leave the country. I'm giving my car to my brother. I have enjoyed Uber for what it was. I enjoyed driving around and meeting people. I enjoyed not knowing where I'd end up or whom the interesting people I'd drive around were. Everybody is somebody. Each...
  13. Desertrose

    What a great night! Thank you for coming!!!

    What a great happy hour we had sitting, drinking, eating and laughing rush hour blues away! I feel bad for those who were stuck in 94 degree heat between Arlington and DC during rush hour on a Wednesday, while us at the MeetUp had beers, vodka and great food at great prices!!! Thank you so...
  14. living_the_dream

    Let's have lunch

    Are there any Brisbane Uber drivers who would like to meet up for a group lunch at Montezuma's Mexican Restaraunt? Would be good to meet some Uber drivers.
  15. JerseyBoy911

    It Just Got Real....

    Hey all, I really enjoy reading all the posts. Lots of good info by what's seems like good people. I want to extend the more time.. to join the chat I posted in the other thread. We are finally going to meet, a group of us,...this is where it gets real and I'm not talking about...
  16. K

    Free Meetup in San Francisco!

    If you are an uber/lyft driver, please come to SOMA StrEat Food Park on Wednesday, 1:30 PM- 3:30 PM for a meetup specifically for rideshare drivers. All attendees will get free coffee and a 2$ voucher off of food trucks there, and a lot of drivers will be there so this a great time to network...