1. thatridesharegirl

    Coffee with @Cableguynoe

    My Friday evening hours had just hit five even; my earnings $195 (plus a few generous cash tips). It was time for a break, I could feel it in my lower back. I needed something big, black, strong, and hot - if driving until 2am and hitting my goal of $400 in fares were a possibility (already hit...

    Hey there fellow Uber siblings lol.

    I’m relatively new to Uber as I’ve been driving for about a month now. I typically drive in the downtown Baltimore, fells point/canton, towson area. Occasionally I’ve ventured into DC/Laurel/Forte Meade area. So far I’m loving it as I love driving and getting to know new people so it’s a WIN/WIN...
  3. SupaClose


    Just introducing myself to the community here. Im originally from Brooklyn, NY. Been in Atlanta for about 6 years but travelled back and forth alot in the first few, so I feel like im brand new here. Anyway hello everyone, hope to meet cool people and learn some things about the city and...
  4. G

    Meet and Greet- Protest?

    Would anyone be interested in an informal meet and greet? This is a great forum for Houston drivers and I sense a lot of us are frustrated by the same things. Why haven't we protested and taken advantage of media attention? With Houston's media being anti-Uber, we could really have a chance to...