1. Lissetti

    Home Covid-19 Test Kits Available; Seattle Area

    King County group sends out at-home tests ‘to better predict’ spread of virus BY NICK BOWMAN MARCH 25, 2020 AT 8:42 AM SCAN is looking to send at-home test kits. (Greater Seattle Coronavirus Assessment Network) Countries that have been successful in their fights against coronavirus have made...
  2. Fargle

    Unemployment for medical reasons

    I know someone who obtains all of her income from driving for Uber and will be going in for surgery that will keep her from driving for about six to eight weeks. Can unemployment insurance be claimed on this? The person in question lives in Washington state.
  3. LadyJ8A

    TLC Medical Exam

    Hey Im working on getting my TLC license to drive with uber and other fhv jobs if possible. So Can some of you tell me exactly what is the medical exam like? What are they looking for? what do they ask? How long is it? Give me all details.
  4. MHR

    Knock It Off Lyft offers more rides to non-urgent medical appointments Hitch Health will help in-need patients get to the doctor on time. Jon Fingas, 2h ago Lyft is continuing its bid to become the go-to choice for non-emergency medical...
  5. BurgerTiime

    Uber is asking drivers if they want to be movers and do other tasks

    Uber is gauging its drivers’ interest in providing TaskRabbit-like services for consumers and potentially other businesses, Recode has learned. The $69 billion company sent out an email to drivers asking if they’d be willing to take on other on-demand jobs — such as cleaning, moving, or food...
  6. T

    Anyone did their medical checkup under Uber in last week of July?

    Hi there, Anyone out there that did their medical checkup under Uber around the last week of July? I did mine then and am still waiting for an update from LTA. Understand there is a surge in request hence the slow process. But anyone has any updates how long do we have to wait? Cheers