medical emergency

  1. Nina2

    Man, 81, Died After PA Facility Sent Him Home In Uber SHOHOLA, PA — A New Jersey man's widow has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against a Pennsylvania health care facility and its administrator after her husband suffered a heart attack and stroke...
  2. Thelma & Louise (T&L)

    When Uber drivers replace ambulances

    This is of real concern. How many times have you transported a person that needs serious medical help? We are not paramedics!!! Uber needs to get this message out to the general public. It is abuse of drivers and is putting peoples lives at risk, including drivers. When Uber drivers...
  3. Lord Summerisle

    Ubering with a kidney stone

    So all the driving round holding my pee backfired spectacularly this week when I had to go to the ER with a kidney stone. Boy, did it hurt. In Morrissey's words "the pain was enough to make a shy bald Buddhist reflect and plan a mass-murder." Now I still haven't passed it and who knows if the...