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  1. Halfmybrain

    Mechanic(ally-minded person) in the house?

    A neighbor mechanic works on my car for a very fair price. My side of the bargain: I buy the parts myself. In this case a pair of rear wheel/hub bearings, most likely from a store online. I have found the main parts (assemblies), but suspect there may be other related parts traditionally...
  2. Mindriot07

    New Driver - Inspection Question

    Hey all! I just signed up for Uber, not even approved yet, and wanted to get the inspection out of the way right away. I read on a couple of articles that there is an online service called Ride Share Mechanic where they can do the inspection via video chat. As soon as I got to the site and put...
  3. jarrod-jumpyy

    Introducing Jumpyy - SUPPLEMENT your UBER income by helping other drivers with flat batteries and fl

    Hi everyone, We are preparing to launch a new iOS app in Sydney that connects unlucky drivers with flat car batteries or tyres to quickly find other drivers in the local area that can jump start batteries or help change a flat tyre. Please register your interest for Jumpyy at...
  4. Zdriver19

    Wheel bearing replacement

    Know any reasonable mechanic to replce my car's rear wheel bearing?
  5. S

    Mechanic Cert

    Hey guys. Just starting out here. I recently went and had few sensors put in my car at the dealership I purchased it from. Certified Mechanics. I had them do an uber inspection. Everything looks great except I just recently purchased this car so on the license plate number section he wrote: TEMP...
  6. UberxGTA

    WARNING: Do not use MIDAS AT 3771 Keele St. Toronto.

    Went in to replace front ball joints and update Uber safety. They tried to charge $45 for $5 light bulb. Not only that...The incompetent mechanic Frederick cracked my ABS sensor when he used a hammer to loosen the suspension. The owner Ram is friendly but dishonest. He didn't even know the basic...
  7. A

    Missing information inspection form

    I keep getting back that there is information mission from my form but there's not and it doesn't say what it is? Also, does anyone know if in Palm Springs you have to go to designated mechanic? Because my family owns a shop and has a state cert number, so saving some money before i start would...