1. B

    What Pax Really Means When They Ask "Full-Time or Part-Time?"

    This question is always the start to a really awkward conversation where they are gauging right off the bat if you are worth talking to... literally. "Do you do this Full-Time or Part-Time?" really means, are you a minimum wage POS or do you contribute more to society than driving me to the...
  2. D

    Rating is being messed up

    Hi, guys. I've been driving for Uber just for about a month and I'd say my expectations were completely different. Now I faced the issue with my rating getting lower and lower. I drive in Miami and probably it's my bad luck but most of my pax are mean and rude. I do my best to be nice as...
  3. poopyhead

    Unethical things you'd never do.

    Lets talk about Unethical things you shouldn't do when driving for uber. For example I would never pick up a group of people going out for the night at their house, drop them off at their destination, and then return to their house and rob them since I know they are not home. It's not right
  4. August1

    Uber passengers suck!!!!

    Last week, my weekly rating was 4.61. My average dropped to 4.78. It's still pretty @@@@in high but not for uber. I have no idea why! I kiss all of my fares asses and I know I didn't rate many people badly and the lowest rating I did give out was one "three star". It sucks to know that these...
  5. 3for3

    Rating Did anyone else have their rating damaged in the last couple of wks or was that just me?

    Last couple of wks my overall 4.87 (4.9 on client app) Wk before last avg was 4.75 then the past wk it was 4.41 WTF? Now my avg is 4.85. Its gonna take me at least 2 wks to hit a decent weekly avg seeing as they do every two wks. I sent this email on Monday. Ive been talking to a good # of...