1. Cantina00

    3rd Post~~ Good Day Today~~ Has Anyone spotted a McRib?

    Hi Neighbors,, A little bit about me.... I love the McRib,, supposedly McDonald’s is offering that sandwich again Has any one spotted a McDonald’s selling the Mc rib,, The best sandwich ev—errr I have stopped at every McDonald’s that I have passed in my travels, no McRib,, Uuuggghhhhh...
  2. T

    Thank you to the guy who stole the UberEats tablet charger at McDonald's.

    Normally I park in the parking lot of this one McDonald's in my city because it is close to several Postmates and DoorDash restaurants. Then I run all three apps and whatever trips I get I run and do deliveries. Today however I didn't get a single UberEats order for this McDonald's. Normally...
  3. Androidcoder

    23 McDonald's pings in an hour, kept coming at 0% acceptance

    Got hit hard with 10-15 minute away pings from three McDonald's at 11:45-12:45 today during lunch rush, two ghetto, one university. This despite a dozen or so UberEats using restaurants within blocks of me. I was curious if I would get cut off at some point from repeated declines. Just got the...
  4. Androidcoder

    Tricked twice in row into accepting ghetto McDonald's ping

    One more run to finish a modest 10 trips for $15 UberEats quest in Minneapolis, it's the only quest I've been offered since starting over a year ago, and the Uber app does the usual spin the map around and not show the map line until the last couple seconds of the countdown thing to disorient...
  5. Jack Malarkey

    UberEATS McDonald’s partners: update

    The Erindale, Weston Creek and Fyshwick McDonald’s have all recently become UberEATS restaurant partners. The Canberra City McDonald’s (in the city bus station in East Row) is no longer a restaurant partner.
  6. pizza guy

    Eats and Google reviews

    Periodically I'll do Eats and when customers are topping it's better great. Uber asks us to give thumbs up or thumbs down for the business. That seems kind of basic and pointless. I do the local guides thing on Google and periodically get some nice perks like a New York Times subscription or...
  7. tomatopaste

    I downloaded McDonald's mobile order app. It's awesome. Robots rule

    I got a grilled chicken deluxe for a buck as a promo. I'll never order via a human ever again. I can order from my phone and pick it up inside, at the drive thru or have delivered to the parking lot. Winning! Now I just ordered a hot fudge sundae. More winning!
  8. JennRedd

    McDonald's UberEats Closed after accepting order

    I took an Uber Eats Delivery tonight around 1:30 at a 24 hour McDonald's. Lights on at Drive- Thru were on but no one answered. Lobby was closed and when I drove up to the windows no one came over but could see people working. I tried calling and by the 3rd call someone answered rudely and said...
  9. GruveRecords

    New Personal Record: Cancelled 4 McDonald's Pings that in 5 minutes

    Uber must be getting desperate. I know there were plenty of other Ants on the map. So, hopefully everyone is declining. These were all legit accept & cancel. Map kept flipping in such a way that it tricked me. I couldn't believe they actually kept pinging me for the same McDonald's. I've told...
  10. Androidcoder

    Hourly guarantee means McDonald's all night

    Minneapolis offered a rare hourly guarantee last night starting at 5:00 PM. Our Vikings football team was playing for a Superbowl spot which we are hosting this year (and lost horribly). Needed '60% of requests completed'. I don't know if that means every hour, from when you start till you stop...
  11. GruveRecords

    Did anyone ever get a free drink or coffee from McDonald's?

    I was thinking about that today...All I ever wanted was a free coffee. And all I ever got was dirty looks. That's why I cancel every McD's order that I'm tricked into accepting.
  12. Androidcoder

    McNugget Delivery Day

    I got an email at 7:50 PM last night for 'McNugget Delivery Day'. The promo: In anticipation of increased orders, you're invited to an hourly guarantee tomorrow. To qualify, you must complete at least 1 delivery per hour you spend online and complete 75% of delivery requests you receive for...
  13. Intoxicologist

    McDonalds Stalls On Starting UberEATS orders

    At first it wasn't like this, but now it definitely is. McDonald's does not even enter or start the orders for Uber Eats until the driver is there. This causes a longer than 10 minute wait almost regularly and I actually cancel the order and leave. The whole idea of fast food is to get the food...
  14. Nonya busy

    Do you stop at McDonalds for passengers?

    Passenger was angry because I didn't stop at McDonalds, then requested I speed to hurry to get to the destination. Told her speed limit was 30mph, she got angry at that as well. I recently realized we virtually don't get paid for waiting only 15 to 20 cents per minute. Moreover, learned...
  15. Beepbeep41

    UberEATS McDonald's Slow

    I've had to give several thumbs down at various McDonald's pickups. It seems they like to wait for the driver to arrive before getting things ready. McDonald's need to invest in warmer lights but instead I'm absorbing the costs with long and extended waiting times on pickup...
  16. Mista T

    7 minute thing

    A good friend of mine, who is a driver, shared with me something that I now do a lot, and thought I would pass it along. When a pax says "I want to go here for a few minutes, will you wait for me?" Or a drive thru request. My immediate response is, "Sure, just keep in mind the 7 minute thing."...
  17. L

    The Penn Hills McDonald's has NO DELIVERY SERVICE.

    Ok, so this one time me and my mom wanted to order McDonald's from the UberEats Website and we found out that there was a McDonald's in Penn Hills. Here's a picture of the location of the Penn Hills McDonald's. But when we tried to place an order, we found out that the McDonald's in Penn...
  18. O

    If you do McDonald’s orders, you will be deactivated

    Allow me to explain… I do deliveries full-time as my sole profession. I mostly do Postmates, with UberEATS and Doordash as fillers. I recently decided to try switching full allegiance over to UberEATS, just to see if it would work out. I’ve had Silver status (25+ deliveries a week), and was...
  19. kensteriraq

    One ping from Quest completion

    I was at 39 of 40 at 12:30am last night sitting on U street thinking I'd be done in the next few minutes with one last rider. At 1:30am I realize the Uber algorithm has me as the last person in the area to get a ping. Lots of people out and Uber cars getting rides no problem except me! I...
  20. DriverXLPlus

    McDelivery to McDonald's parking lot - Ever hear of this.

    According to an owner of two McDonald's they received several UberEATS orders where the customer was sitting in the parking lot. Evidently these customers did not want delivery, but they did want the promotion being offered at the time, for delivery orders. Anyone get any of this action?