maximize earnings

  1. Milkn808s

    Uber boost Uber RUSH are drivers getting scammed in the Greater Toronto Area?

    So today I made my merry way over to Georgetown. If anyone knows the west end of the GTA, they know it’s far, and small, and quiet. Luckily I don’t live too far from Georgetown, but there’s still a lot of nothing to travel through before I get there. Before I go any further I needed to add I...
  2. Kawiz03

    Decent Daily Pay

    Who out there is making a decent amount of money per day without boost? When I say decent I mean over 100-200 in a single day. How many hours are you putting in and whats the secret lol P.s. dont be cynical
  3. pizza guy


    Just wondering how often everybody else has repeat riders. I drove one guy 4 times @ $15 a ride this week. Another guy I drove 3 times and 3 other rides were people I had previously driven. These were all close to home but I often get repeat riders far from home close to where I drop of my...
  4. Raveness

    Newbie Here: Tips for earning the most $ please

    I've done a total of 4 rides across 5 hours total so far (two days combined). I'm seeing that weeknights are very slow and drop off all together at about 1am. What's the best way to maximize the weekend? Any consistent high request spots? Do you reasonably think it's possible to make $250/wk or...