maximise earnings

  1. A

    Seemingly clever way to get more airport rides

    I'm curious if anyone has tried this technique before. How well does it work? How many rides can you get? Also, are there other techniques out there for getting more airport rides?
  2. Lssnlrnt

    Find out your destination

    Maximise your earning, ring these cheapskates on less than 1.5x surge if any, to find out where they going, if not profitable, cancel, sliders. Well I do, no fear of uber.
  3. A

    UberPool decreases overall pay

    What I gather, based on some basic math and adjusting for expenses, is that UberPool rides are less profitable than regular rides. What are your thoughts on this? The bonuses at the moment are helpful but once they are gone and basic rides apply, are we getting less profit in the end?
  4. PaoPao


    Uber people in Singapore: I read all your disappointing post and want to perk you guys up a bit. Originally I was also trying to find a vehicle and thinking if I should try for Uber. Then I found this car rental (Website name Tribecar) that does hourly car rental at $0.50 - $1.00/ hr No other...
  5. B

    Just hit 100 Trips with overall 4.9 rating! Tips to become an efficient driver.

    So I just hit 100 trips yesterday maintaining an overall rating of 4.9. At about 40-60 trips I dipped to about 4.7 and have steadily rose since then. Thought I'd make a post on the things I've learnt along the way which has helped me maintain a good rating and become efficient with my time to...