1. Castorf


    On March 22nd UBER deducted $ 197 from my account related to 2 operations ($ 150 and $ 50) at WAWA, Orange St, in Orlando. I put a dispute. Until this date no refund, no explanation. WAWA manager told me that almost everyday a skimmer is found in their pumps. Still UBER tells me that probably...
  2. RupertDB

    Rubbish Uber cannot read my 2 cards both of which work

    Just tried to use Uber for the first time. The system refuses to acknowledge by MasterCard. It's working just fine. Very poor show for Uber. Probably will not use Uber again.
  3. M

    Gas card promotion...another bad idea

    Fellow partners, I just spent some time reviewing the recent marketing scheme UBER is trying to push with a $200 dollar credit limit credit card. DON'T DO IT. The offer website is very vague and the savings are negligible. Plus no way does it say what the interest rate or penalties are if...