1. DMAGENT99

    Low class illiterate drivers wearing pajamas, beach wear and flip flops with stanky feet driving dented cars.

    Oh of course let's not forget the ones with brakes grinding and squeeling, or driving with a broken headlights or turn signals These folks are out of control. I believe Goodwill sells used shoes all sizes to cover up those ugly feet. I have some extra duct tape if needed to hold your piece of...
  2. Bostongal1128

    Auto insurance for Lyft and Uber

    Hi, I am wondering what insurance for Auto people use. I am a having a hard time finding a company that supports ride sharing drivers. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. S

    New South Shore Driver who moved from Jersey

    Just moved from North Jersey. Pretty shocked that NO ONE on the south shore uses Uber. Even though I made barely minimum wage in Jersey I had it pretty good....However I am not really NEW to the area. I grew up in Hanover so I am somewhat familiar but have lived away for 15 years. My plan...
  4. S

    Can some please tell me how long their CORI check took

    I am switching states from NJ to MA. I went through checkr and it was clear...I thought that was it only to find out I now need to wait on my CORI. Does anyone PLEASE tell me how long their CORI check took? Thx in advance
  5. Mendez84

    Lyft passenger going crazy over cancellation

    So lesson learned , don't stay and try to explain to them why you cancelling , this women went crazy and thought I was going to give her the money , like it was me who is charging her , she requested Lyft line for her friend but it was her friend (adult) 2 children ages between 5 to 10 and a...
  6. A

    Failed CORI check

    I apparently failed my CORI check for uber (which makes no sense, because I passed it for lyft a few days prior). This is the reason I was given: "The Division has determined that your records demonstrate the following offense, violation, or condition pursuant to 220 CMR 274.21: Suitability...
  7. BurgerTiime

    Uber/Lyft passed 51 registered sex offenders Shocking results of newly mandated background checks in Massachusetts for drivers of ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft have many advocates and lawmakers...
  8. Maven

    New Background Checks

    As of April 3rd, no rideshare driver may pickup in Massachusetts until they have passed the Massachusetts Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) check, which is more stringent than Uber's background check, but does not require fingerprinting. This also applies to drivers in adjacent states...
  9. F

    Sales tax in Massachusetts for Uber drivers

    Hey guys Who file and pay sales tax on trips here in Massachusetts? We the drivers or Uber?
  10. BurgerTiime

    Uber driver accused of pointing gun at pot-smoking passenger A Massachusetts Uber driver charged with pointing a gun at a passenger during a dispute over smoking marijuana in his car has pleaded not guilty. The Sun Chronicle reports (...
  11. PepeLePiu

    Background checks in Massachusetts with 8000 drivers less on the road, Will that mean more surges and overall pay for the remaining drivers?
  12. E

    DPU MA Denied Appeal Suspension Lyft Help?

    Applied for Lyft 2 months ago. Met with my mentor. Passed Lyfts Background Check. I invested in a Toyota Avalon 2007 for this. $6,800 dollar loan. This past Friday. Got a Notice from DPU that they denied me my BackGround Check. Due to haveing my License suspended 5 years ago for Surchargable...
  13. Uber Man Boston

    Starting Jan 1, 2017 UBER DEACTIVATING DRIVERS

    Starting Jan. 1, 2017, mobile ride-hailing companies like Lyft and Uber will implement what the governor's office calls "the most stringent ride-for-hire background check system of any state in the country." The agreements expedite new regulations signed in August by Gov. Charlie Baker, after...
  14. Uber Man Boston

    Uber's shutting down drivers in Boston

    2 friends that are stellar Uber drivers that I know called me a few minutes ago to inform me that they no longer can access the platform. New rules for Massachusetts got them done.
  15. BurgerTiime

    Massachusetts Plans to Tax Uber, Lyft to Subsidize Taxis
  16. Nenee

    $100M Class action lawsuit rejected by judge

    Apparently drivers in California and Massachusetts have a class action lawsuit in place with the hopes to negotiate some concessions for drivers. It doesn't look like they were able to come to a common ground. Below is a link to the article...
  17. Shieldzzzy84

    Poll: How many Drivers would be willing to STRIKE just 1 day on June 27th before 4th of July weekend

    Hey fellow drivers, I'm conducting this poll to see howany will be willing to STRIKE just 1 day? How much money would UBER lose if just one state didn't drive for just 1 day? How much would Uber lose if all the state went on strike for just 1 day? We either do it all together or we can't...
  18. Donghu

    Rideshare Insurance in Massachusetts

    Brand new to Uber, have not yet even driven. Haven't found a single company in Massachusetts that offers non-commercial rideshare insurance. Have spoken to many agencies and insurers, all say no. USAA supposedly offers "gap" insurance, but I'm not eligible for their coverage, and a few people...
  19. optyman

    LAWSUIT - Opt out of Uber Arbitration now, even if beyond 30 days.

    Even if you are beyond the 30 days from the December 11, 2015 acceptance of Uber's new terms, please send an email to [email protected] with your name & state asking to "opt out" of Uber's new arbitration terms. The arbitration process most often favors the big guy. Attorney advice: Do this...
  20. chi1cabby

    Massachusetts police chiefs urge fingerprinting for Uber drivers The Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association has added its clout to the call for mandatory fingerprinting of drivers hired by ride-hailing companies such as...