1. McFlyHigh

    Maryland Governor agrees to Accept $400 / month Extended Unemployment - Retroactive to 8/1/2020

    Lots of news agencies reporting on this since this broke today... But Baltimore Sun did a decent job of summarizing the bill. On Wednesday, Hogan said the state submitted an application to the Federal Emergency Management Administration, or FEMA, for a grant that would pay $300 in extra...
  2. tlon7

    Silver Spring area dead zone after 11 a.m?

    I've only ubered intermittently for five days thus far. Started near downtown Silver Spring for three days starting around 7 am. Got continuous fares until 10 am. Tried starting around 11 to noon on two days in the same area. ZERO fares. Gave up after 75 minutes each of the two days. Any...
  3. Kawiz03

    Confessional I have sinned

    Forgive me father for I have sinned. 1)It has been two days since I have shuffled 2)Accepted a Line/Pool 3)Picked up at a Supermarket 4)Loaded luggage at an airport Please have mercy on a poor sinners soul. Edit: not meant to be offensive and I did not know about the history of person's...
  4. Jalebkackson

    OCMD/Rehoboth or AC tonight?

    My brother lives between OCMD and Rehoboth (20 min from Rehoboth) I'm trying to decide if it's worth going out to the shore tonight and work into Monday. But I'm not sure if I can accept rides out in MD or DE as a Philly registered driver, currently the surge in rehoboth looks highest (i have...
  5. A

    Inquiry about car tags

    Hello , Quick question i live in MD but my car registered in VA , if i updated my registration to MD is that would affect anything in my account ? Because i am driving in VA,MD,DC and i am afraid if i changed the registration it might limit my requests Thanks 4 help
  6. M

    MD Inspection question

    Where I live at in Maryland the state does not require any inspection other than the original inspection when you first buy your car. Uber however requires an annual inspection of its own. Is this a full state inspection or just a smaller safety inspection? The shop that Uber list on their...

    Maryland/DC area Drivers???

    Good morning Uber family, just looking to confirm who drives in my area. I'm relatively new, just trying to get the best out of everything Uber and it's experience has to offer.

    Hey there fellow Uber siblings lol.

    I’m relatively new to Uber as I’ve been driving for about a month now. I typically drive in the downtown Baltimore, fells point/canton, towson area. Occasionally I’ve ventured into DC/Laurel/Forte Meade area. So far I’m loving it as I love driving and getting to know new people so it’s a WIN/WIN...
  9. zselonika

    Unpaid Speed Camera Tickets

    So I've only been here a year and I don't plan on staying here much longer. Probably moving back home to Florida in the next year but since I've driven for Uber I've gotten two camera speeding tickets which I didn't get until I went home about a month ago. The tickets were already past due...
  10. U

    Safety Inspection

    I have also posted this on Baltimore Page. Hi Everyone. After taking a year and half off, I have decided to give it another try. Now that I am trying to sign back in, Uber wants me to have a safety inspection. I checked few Pep Boys and they are booked until end of August. I have decided to sign...
  11. zselonika

    Uber corruption/controversial issues

    Hello everyone, So I know I could just Google this but I'm retaking a class I made a "D" in because the school I'm going to requires a "C" or better to graduate. And yeah, I'm not an idiot. I still have a 3.6 GPA and graduate in August. My question to everyone here is who is more experienced...
  12. NapsterSA

    Minimum Fare Adjustment Decrease in Greater Maryland?

    Prior to this week my driver pay for all minimal rides was $3.71. I've had a couple this week that were less. Distance and time rates are unchanged, so the only difference must be in the Min Fare Adjustment (MFA) calculation. One of my very short trips would have paid only $2.86 (incl MFA) had...
  13. LtDan

    DC Uber Lyft signup Bonus and Promo

    I'm a NJ Lyft/Uber driver and my wife and I are moving to the Washington DC metro area. We are trying to fill in some extra/side income to help cover moving and costs and we are trying to see if it is even worth it with current promotions. What are the current Uber/Lyft Promos for signing up...
  14. Ishe

    "Stuck" in Potomac, MD this past weekend

    Had the privilege of hauling privileged children (college students) from American U to a few mansion parties in Potomac for a few hours. While I don't usually mind having cute 19-20something year old girls in my car, this was actually quite annoying...three to four a pop, trying my best not to...
  15. xl HeiZ lx

    BWI Queue hasn't been showing up for the last two days.. has this been happening to anyone else?

    Good morning Baltimore Uber drivers, So this is my first post, but i have a lot more I would like to post about as far as questions and things I've wanted to talk about with other uber drivers. But my meaning for my post this morning is in regards to BWI pickups. Uber support has proven to be...
  16. Kawiz03

    Cancellation Fees Up

    So aparently the cancellation fee has gone up in Greater Maryland from $5 to $7. Keep in mind Greater MD is everything excluding Montgomery, PG,BWI and Baltimore City. Guess I'm going to do more cancellations.
  17. New2This

    No more Uber in Maryland?

    Not really but Uber's doing a Chicken Little. Anyone else want to show up to testify at the meetings? I'd love to tell the truth about Uber. More restrictions = less drivers = more surge = really more earnings for our partners.
  18. P

    Does Annapolis have an Amazon Flex Warehouse?

    I'm currently a flex delivery driver and I learned that I will soon be moving to Maryland. I know Baltimore has Amazon Flex service but I'm wondering If Annapolis has one too that way I can do more blocks.
  19. Kawiz03

    Lyft Virtual Time Out?

    Sitting in Bethesda got two lyft line requests same person let them both expire. Not falling for it since they like to use line or pool to go the bare minimum...I like a good dinner and movie before I get screwed! In any case has anyone experienced a goto the corner and think of your actions...
  20. Kawiz03

    MD Weekend Incentives

    Ladies and Gentlemen the crappy Baltimore "Boost" just Fells Point and Canton until 6pm then no boost until 12-2am smfh. Uber you gotta be kidding have fun ya'll with this trash