1. Mista T

    Fun and Games with Uber

    FOR SALE, LIMITED TIME ONLY! AUTHENTIC SERVICE ANIMAL VESTS, FOR SALE!! Attention Uber and Lyft passengers! For a limited time, we now have Service Animal vests for sale! These vests are either hand made or machine made by fine women and children in SE Asia and/or the Middle East. They will...
  2. BurgerTiime

    Uber is not a “technology company” they’re a “marketing and support services” firm!

    Full: First Uber wasn’t a “taxi firm” then not a “Transportation company”, then def not a “service that’s provides rides through an app that connects two people” and...
  3. BurgerTiime

    Well that didn’t last long; Bozoma Saint John is leaving Uber for Endeavor

    The high-profile marketing guru will become CMO at the entertainment conglomerate The high-profile executive Bozoma Saint John has left Uber for Endeavor, sources say and Uber confirms. She will become CMO there...
  4. RideshareSpectrum

    Too Many Drivers? Here’s a Reminder

    Posted this in a thread but it applies to most of the complaints Drivers voice from day to day in the forums. Someone suggested it needed a thread of its own: REMINDER: The entire business model of transportation disruption is built upon exploitation... exploitation of unenforced/able...
  5. O

    Uber marketing Team

    Does Uber marketing team actually get back to anybody? I have golden ideas and we all know that's what Uber started from. I'd like to see the platform continue to be great. How do I contact them Or do they read these posts? ...Tesloop was willing to talk.
  6. Maven

    UberEats Slogan

    Please answer the Poll. What do you think would be the best slogan for UberEats?
  7. Maven

    SDC Market Share Dominance

    Disclaimer: I do not advocate any of the illegal activities described below. They are presented solely for entertainment purposes. It does not matter who brings the first practical self-driving car to market. Uber has already shown that the correct "aggressive" tactics can guarantee market...
  8. financeguy13

    Lyft #4 - Uber #13 on Apple App Store

    Lyft started Saturday morning at #39 for free apps. Now it's currently at #4. No telling if it's temporary or a long term gain. As the article states: "this sort of social media movement isn’t necessarily about the bottom line of dollars and cents, it’s about how a company is perceived"...
  9. BAKAD

    The demand for the Uber product is just not there!

    Uber is hiring more and more drivers, but the demand for the product is not there relative to the number of drivers they are hiring. Drivers quit! Then the drivers get discouraged and quick driving so Uber has to hire more drivers. ( Lyft has docs that support this. They were released...
  10. Fireguy50

    Tip Sign goes Digital

    I know most experienced drivers will hate the slides and the idea. But as long as I get results it's a winner. This also should help illuminate the front passenger PAX for the cheap dash camera I purchased. I have an aftermarket backup camera on the headliner by the dome light and sunglass...
  11. TomInVegas

    How'd You Sniff Out An Uber Corporate "Spy" PAX?

    Ever get one of these? :rolleyes::rolleyes: What clued u in to their game, i.e. that u were a random, unwilling marketing test 4 corporate Uberistas masquerading as a legit PAX trying to get "intel" on (us) drivers?
  12. Cam11b

    New Uber ad on Twitter -"As winter sets in, so do the savings. Enjoy *DISCOUNTED SEASONAL FARES*..."

    "Thanks drivers! Way to take one for the team! 10%-off coupons on hemorrhoid-cream....for everyone!!! -Love, Uber"
  13. MikesUber

    Whole Foods Removed My Lyft Poster

    I put up a Lyft poster on the community board at my local Whole Foods and the next day I drove by and noticed it was taken down. I am going to check with them regarding their policies but does anyone know why they would do this? My thoughts: -May have to ask management before posting, may have...
  14. M

    Evil Marketing Monopoly Creation

    It is all about the marketing! Uber spends almost no money on TV, Radio, Billboard, and Internet advertising, while getting billions of dollars worth of exposure with their low fare scandal, hurting hard working drivers with children and families in need. They did a fine job hooking up riders...
  15. cin90

    New driver testing the waters/prepping for weekend/marketing.

    I've gotten my feet wet this week by logging on while at home taking care of my evening domestic duties after my full-time day job. Since I'm outside of the downtown area AKA hot spots, it hasn't been very busy which is fine by me. Netted about $30 for 5 local drives so far. $30 bucks I...
  16. pizza guy

    A call to all new suburban drivers...

    Pretty soon you should get an email from Uber about new rider cards (ignore the new driver cards, they're just a scam). Order them. One or two returns more than covers your cost. A roll of tape, a stack of cards, and a Pace bus route could give you great returns. Bartenders love the cards...
  17. chi1cabby

    #UberDINNER |Uber’s marketing stunt in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur ends in hunger