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  1. u_no_me

    Uber Lyft Chicago Driver Market Share

    I think it's safe to say the data is not readily available, but the City must have this TNP raw data from the companies regulatory reporting somewhere. It would be interesting to see if there is any consensus on an estimate of which platform(s) drivers are on. Please post your estimate. The 3...
  2. MikeNY

    A Ride Share APP that will disrupt Uber/Lyft

    An APP that sends a ping to the drivers closest to the pick up. Free Market pricing similar to when Uber/Lyft decide on a Price Surge based on Supply and Demand. Sort of like the Ebay of Ride Share. The difference with this APP is the drivers decide on the price and PAX can decide to accept...
  3. BurgerTiime

    Lyft claims it now has more than one-third of the US ride-sharing market For the first time, Lyft is disclosing internal market-share numbers, and they show its momentum isn't letting up after it capitalized on Uber's disastrous 2017. Lyft says it has 35 percent of the national ride-sharing...
  4. BurgerTiime

    Saudi women getting keys to drive, hurting Uber The ultraconservative kingdom of Saudi Arabia has issued an order allowing women to drive, ending a long-standing policy that’s cast an unflattering light on the country’s...
  5. Maven

    Why Lyft is Still Losing to Uber

    Despite favorable conditions, Lyft's progress catching up to Uber has been much slower than it should be. Lyft has made a lot of progress capturing market share from Uber over the last year, but that is more because of Uber scandals and stumbles than because of Lyft's virtues. Why is that? Here...
  6. Maven

    How Lyft Can Beat Uber

    Today, Uber has a far larger market share that Lyft. Lyft has recently been making significant progress increasing its market share primarily because of Uber's seemingly endless negative publicity. However, that has obvious limits and may end anytime that Uber chooses to alter key policies and...
  7. BurgerTiime

    Lyft Bookings and Ridership Soar, While Losses Shrink
  8. Maven

    What Are The Differences Between Lyft and Uber?

    Pro Lyft in-App tipping Pays 100% of cancellation fees Pays return tolls Pays time between arrival and rider's appearance. Better (subjectively) customer service Pro Uber More & Closer Pings per hour due to larger market share Pays selected surcharges that Lyft does not (example: Conn. into...
  9. Maven

    Lyft Beating Uber?

    Lyft is gaining market share on Uber, but Uber remains far ahead. What will it take for Lyft to pull ahead in this race and beat Uber? Will Lyft’s efforts to take on Uber come at the expense of its drivers? Google: Lyft How Your Pay Is Calculated and Google: Lyft’s efforts to take on Uber in...
  10. nomogmos

    Your "share" ($40,000) of Travis Cordell Kalanick's fortune.

    If just Kalanick's net worth were $6.2-BILLION and there were approximately 160,000 Uber-drivers in the U.S.A., EACH driver's "share", divided equally, would be about $40,000! At $70 billion (and climbing), Uber would pass the market value of GM (GM), Honda (HMC) and Ford (F). Will Uber Be...
  11. Edman

    How can Uber boast about higher earnings?

    I am a new driver but this morning I went out for 5 hours and made only $ 28.00. How can Uber boast about higher earnings? When in reality with hourly rate it's much lower? Is Atlanta market over saturated with drivers? I don't understand why Uber keeps looking for new drivers???
  12. afrojoe824

    Lyft’s insane fare cuts will make you think twice about Uber

    From the New York Post - Lyft is spending big again in New York City to beat back Uber. The ride-hailing app is slashing fares for passengers by 50 percent for all hours between Monday and Friday — and is letting drivers keep 100 percent of the tab. The exceptionally sweet deals are being...
  13. DieselkW

    I don't want to work today, so I'll just turn on Lyft

    I wish Lyft would ping more. I turn them both on, and 100% of the time Uber pings first. Turn Lyft off, deliver Uber Pax. Turn Lyft back on. Of course, Uber pings first... turn Lyft off. Rinse and Repeat all day until I've got Uber on for 8 hours and Lyft has been active for ten minutes...