map problems

  1. New2This

    Night Mode Map Changes

    I run only in night mode and just opened the app to see how little Surge was available. The background used to be black, so spotting Surge was relatively easy. Today everything was a grey background. Anyone else seeing this? This is what it used to look like.
  2. CvilleUber

    Edit Uber Maps?

    I thought Uber used the Google Maps API - but every night, there's a one-way street Uber wants me to turn onto (illegally) - so I headed to Google Maps, and sure enough, it knows it's a one-way street... So how do I fix the Uber map (other than "reporting it" in the App - which we know will do...
  3. RM305

    Anyone have delivery tips logistics

    I tried my first block it was a 4 hour block in Miami out of DMI3 and it was a disaster. Somewhere throughout my route the map took me way off course across town here I miami 4 measly packages that ended up "Undeliverable " and then threw me pack to my route which was all the way back to my...
  4. AVLien

    Terrible map lag. Is it just me?

    I'm seeing some really bad lag on my map (in the partner app). I will be half way across town & still appear to be at my last drop off. The frustrating part is that I will think I'm smack in the center of the mothersurge, but it will have ended already. Are any of you getting this? Am I the...
  5. That Uber Dood

    Sunbury Surge

    Here's a doozy. Sitting near airport waiting for a "Tulla" pickup. Ping comes from Sunbury. 20 minutes away. Pass. PING.PING.PING. WTF. Grab a screenshot. Lolz. They were requesting from other side of the "border". Opened up rider app to double check. Border is a hard line. Surge...
  6. Rata del Desierto

    iPhone 4 and Map Problems

    We've been told that beginning on 9/1/16 we will no longer be able to use an iPhone 4 to access the driver platform and we must upgrade to a 5 or newer. I wonder if customers will be still able to access the client app on older phones or if the get a "pass". Last couple of days my map has not...
  7. Lilly45

    What to expect as a new uber driver in KC.

    I'm a new driver and I really like it so far.. I'm not hitting any surges. I'm driving all over KC and making 7 dollars here and maybe 5 bucks there.. Is this the normal? I'm not really making the money I thought. I heard uber drivers can make 700 dollars a week. But... So far I've busted my...
  8. Arriel

    Is anyone else having problems with the map?

    Has anyone else noticed the glitches that happen with the surge maps here? Its very annoying! And the surges have been slow to adjust on the driver app as compared with the surge on the passenger app. Sometimes to the point that I have to go off then back online to get the screen to refresh...