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  1. Berry mian

    After rate cut I just canceled .05 cents mile injury protection

    Wondering who else did the same ??
  2. Bready

    Language test

    Hi guys. I have read tons of articles about the language test. Is it a must have for all drivers or only for new drivers? I drove for uber in hungary so i have a live uber partner account. If i would like to drive here in Manchester, do you think i have to pass the language test and if so...
  3. Z

    Info Knowledge Test Private Hire Driver Rossendale

    Hi, I would like to register with Uber as a driver in Manchester and have seen that in Rossendale Council it is required to pass a Knowledge Test to get a licence. I have also seen that the test is very complex because they ask you to know many streets and locations in the city and it is almost...
  4. Ghwwe72

    Lyft in Manchester, NH will Boston drivers be allowed to drive there?

    saw an article that Lyft is expanding to a bunch of new cities starting 01/26 and Manchester New Hampshire is one of them. I wonder if Boston Lyft drivers will be allowed to drive there like we can with Uber.
  5. jaynh88

    New Hampshire

    Anyone from Nashua/Manchester?