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making money

  1. Uber Scott FL

    Is anyone doing good Lux and Lux SUV??

    Other than the holidays or events is anyone doing any good with LUX or LUX SUV? I used to crush it every day. The last year plus it's worthless to do UBER palm beach, Broward or Miami. I think riders aren't going with UbER as much or maybe there are way too many drivers on the road at this...
  2. Learntoletgo

    Getting the most out of Ride Share Companies. LLC, S CORP?!

    Hey guys and gals, I am new to this game. Has anyone else started an LLC to operate under? Anyone have advice on S-corp, LLC? I ask about these because it seems to be the best way to get the most out of your business. Make no mistake YOU are the business and should treat yourself and your...
  3. Toonces-the-cat

    The only one's who makes money driving for Uber is....

    UBER The auto lease company Oil companies Auto repair shops Metomile insurance
  4. Youcanmakemoney

    It aint that hard...

    Its really not that hard. Just nobody is going to give it to you.
  5. S

    Experienced & Reliable Uber Partner - Want to Drive Long Term and Need A Car?

    Dec 2006 Opel Vectra 1.8MTA available. Please reply with profile and contact details. Swift Safe Rides Singapore