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  1. xlornoride

    Uber driver builds FREE web-site building course for drivers.

    Guys, I needed a site and watched a lot of videos to learn how to build one. Now I put together some of my own videos to help out some of my friends. If you have a computer, you can build your first site TODAY. visit Easy Web-Site Builds
  2. dirtylee

    Dallas Pride Parade today 9/16/18

    Cedar Springs & Oaklawn. If this is the big annual parade, it will surge & the cell phone towers will go down. :oops:
  3. Muchado

    Time to Take Control?

    Hello fellow Uber Drivers! I hope you're all having a great day. I'm looking forward to coming to New York City, to launch an app we've built. Basically, after 2 and a half years of driving, I want us to be earning more money - much more. So I think I have a solution, one which can help us...
  4. R

    THE ANSWER TO " How much can i make with uber "

    okay lets break it down to a realistic figures monday to wednesday working between 1pm to 6pm wil get you around £13.50 an hour, thats having a 5 min cigarette break every 1hr, Early morning will get you around £18-£20 an hour from 4am to 9am. thursday similar hours basically £15-£16 an hour...
  5. Beepbeep41

    Get Rich Driving Uber In Sydney

    With Sydney’s high Uber rates a lot of QLD drivers are looking at making the move down. I plan to move down and pitch a tent in the outer suburbs and drive Uber for 12mths, 12hrs a day every day then come back up to QLD and buy a house. It used to be go work in the mines now it go camp in...
  6. Uberchampion

    Low cost airlines charge people for drinks/snacks. Why can't we?

    This post is based off of one that's come up in the Toronto forum on how to ensure Uber is profitable. The OP'S tactic is to sell extra items like pop, chips, can't etc. Initially I thought it was a silly idea however one of the posters Harry70 has a really good point. Harry70 said: ↑ I dont...
  7. MobileAppResearcher

    Research Participants Needed - I need your expert opinion on navigation apps

    Hello! I am a user researcher who studies how people use mobile navigation apps. I'm based in oakland, but will be in SF next week and would love to interview some professional drivers who have used Waze, Google Maps, Apple Maps, HERE, Mapquest, or similar while driving professionally. I...
  8. Denises100


    Attention to all the Uber drivers out there that really want to make some money today or tomorrow. I am in Lost Hills Ca close to Bakersfield. And I want to get a ride straight from here to Seattle Washington. I need to leave as early as possible. The Uber Estimate on this particular ride is...
  9. JerseyBoy911

    Saturday Nights

    Ok so last night (Friday) was a total bust.. I was out early in Hudson County. Ok, maybe not the best idea. I figured that they all may need a ride to wherever they are going. I was out till about 1;30. Only one ping...smh I saw New Brunswick was at a 3.9 Surge! I rushed down there but i was...
  10. Rebu Revird

    Halloween IE Style

    Howzit? I was just wondering what fellow drivers are planning to do to make big bucks in the IE on Halloween. Is it worth staying local? Or are we better off heading to LA or OC?
  11. UberBarker

    New in-car tech for drivers in NYC! Earn up to $400 in cash while you drive!

    Hey Uber drivers- A tech startup in NYC is offering the chance to earn money while you drive! Participants in our final go-to-market test will earn $75 for doing nothing more than driving around with our product in your vehicle. There's no risk to you-- we provide the hardware. You'll also...