make money with uber

  1. SafeT

    Sure way to make big money with Uber!

    You fell for that line again? The only way to make money with FUber is to quit as soon as possible. Sell your FUber car while it still has value. Buy a scooter for $500 and apply for a burger flipping job. You will make minimum wage once again and your transportation cost is almost zero! Don't...
  2. Toonces-the-cat

    Driving my way to riches!

    I love working for UBER and being my own boss. Today I worked over 3 hours and made $16.00. Woo Hoo!
  3. N

    Driver and Public Manipulation...Fallout Coming

    The real deal on background checks: The City of Houston, TX has mandatory background checks and fingerprinting for all TNC drivers. Uber and Lyft lost the battle in Austin, TX. Houston has held its ground. However, all cities should enforce all rules and do spot checks. I believe Uber wants...
  4. Frank NYC

    I will Pay $20 per Customer

    I will Pay $20 per Customer brought to my ADULT CLUB Located in Queens New York
  5. Ronnie McDonnie

    NEW ANDROID APP (Apple app outdated)

  6. SharedRideTruther

    Math, Machines, and Me.

    Me. Tried Uber out, and ran both X and XL platforms. X sucked larger than normal 'sausage', and XL only made sense on long runs, but even then was ruff. I.E., with the 'Uber machine' taking 28% of Uber XL fares, making my average Uber XL fare to miles being equal figures, the lie of Uber took...