lying passengers

  1. RoWode12

    Don’t pick up “Tyra” from Sawgrass Marriott

    this week. She has a history of getting things for “free.” She will 1-star you and make a false complaint to get you deactivated and get a free ride. She tried to say I fell asleep at the wheel, even though I was WIDE awake , alert and talking to her. She didn’t even look up from her phone...
  2. SMH Uber

    Checked your comments and issues reports lately?

    All of mine have been wiped clean. Good ones and the bad ones. Uber is screwing with us. I'm pretty sure they have messed and crossed these issues up. I received a cleaniless of my car report with a comment that I had poor hygiene . I was furious as it was not true. I hate that these pax lie...