lyft stories

  1. Shawn Cody

    Sweet Music to My Ears

    If total strangers asked you to sing out loud, would you do it? Being that many of my passengers are young, many want to listen to music. Here in the South Bay, this often translates into hip-hop. Some are content with the radio, others prefer to listen to their own tunes. However, most...
  2. Shawn Cody

    Your Dog Ate What?

    FYI: Reposting this story as my last submittal was removed due to subtle reference to my website. If anyone wants to know where they can read more of my stories, just ask. If your dog ate a half pound of your prized stash, what would you do? This is one of my favorite all-time rides as it...
  3. Shawn Cody

    Soccer, Scotland and a Few Beers

    It's Difficult to find Scotland after a few Beers! Do Uber and Lyft drivers have a lot of drunk rides? More than you think. This story is a good example of what drivers experience nightly, especially on weekends. For those who don’t know Campbell, it once was a sleepy suburb wedged between...
  4. Shawn Cody


    Fragile: easily broken or destroyed, lacking in vigor, (of a person) not strong or sturdy; delicate and vulnerable. This is my saddest ride to date and was difficult for me to write. I am including a special dedication to this story in my upcoming book, so please read it when released. It’s...