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lyft rate cut

  1. Jdemonto

    Lyft Cuts rates!

    While not much, looks like they are matching Uber's pricing. None of these companies know the PHX market! The bigger story is the commission increase to 25% for new drivers
  2. B

    And Now LYFT Has Cut Rates In Indianapolis Even Worse...

    So now Lyft has dropped rates in Indianapolis to even lower than Uber. Today as of 1pm they went to $0.70 per mile and $0.15 per minute. They say to compete with Uber, but I drove several Lyft customers this week and all of them weren't even aware of Uber's rates and most don't even use Uber...
  3. Aash

    Lyft cuts rate for Denver

    Lyft Just matched the Uber market in Denver by lowering its rate. It looks like the competition is on... on the shoulder of drivers ! Winter Pricing Effective Friday, Jan. 15 Cost per mile: $1.01 Cost per minute: $0.12 Lyft Plus cost per mile: $1.85 Lyft Plus cost per minute: $0.31 Minimum...
  4. T

    They lowered the lyft rates

    They lowered the lyft rates by .13. I can't remember how much it was per min. And they raised the trust fee.