lyft plus

  1. D

    Solo riders choosing plus / XL

    I've been noticing lately that a lot of solo Riders seem to be choosing Plus or XL. This morning I had a woman going from Bay Harbor Islands Fort Lauderdale Airport who requested a plus. She was by herself and had one small carry on. This is happened a few times in the past couple of weeks. Do...
  2. gbaugher

    Hallelujah... Lyft Plus Only is here

    Just in time for the women’s march.
  3. KCDriver

    Kansas City market for UberSELECT, and Lyft Plus

    Just curious how it's working out for drivers with premium cars; is there much of a market or are you doing mostly Lyft & Uber X runs?. Here's my context, I'm getting ready to buy a new vehicle (I need..ok ok I want... one anyway, NOT specifically for ride share). I'm debating between my...
  4. Rakhruz

    Car for Lyft plus or regular lyft, advice plz, urgent

    I'm a new driver in lyft platform in washington dc area. I'm planning to get a car but minivan or regular sedan ? I don't know. Does lyft plus worth to drive in dc area or just regular lyft ? Does Lyft plus gets lyet line ? Any lyft plus experience?
  5. steve rice

    $200 for lyft plus ride to Ventura(200+ miles)

    I would like to get some feedback from other drivers on a Lyft ride I experienced. It was a Lyft Plus ride that took 4 hours and 39 minutes one way. I was expecting around $400. At the conclusion Lyft paid me $200. So it looks as though it turned out to be a "flat-rate" that I was unaware of...
  6. Calhiker

    Lyft plus question

    Does anyone that does lyft plus know if it shows that its a plus on the ping yet or does one have to wait until waybill to see it like a few years ago.
  7. BillThrill

    Richie Rich LYFT Driver

    And we wonder why everyone thinks we make bank :rolleyes: Richie Rich LYFT ride
  8. cin90

    Anyone drive Lyft Plus only?

    I realize times have changed, but curious to know if anyone drives Lyft Plus only out there in Lyftlandia.... If so, what is your strategy? If you care to share, that is. Personally, I'm in it 'for just a couple more months' (famous last words). I'm not driving my vehicle into the ground as...
  9. cin90

    Lyft vs. Lyft Plus

    Is it possible for a pax to request a regular Lyft vs. Lyft Plus when they can clearly see my vehicle (Plus-eligible) on the app? How would I know if a Lyft Plus was requested? I drive a 7-seater vehicle. Last night (prime time) I received a request and an immediate cancel. Another request...
  10. cin90

    Strange fares last night: 1.) her hook up was a no show and 2.) lyft vs. lyft plus

    I'm new and have the Lyft app on at home while handling domestic duties each evening. I'm handling local pick-ups for the most part. I had 2 oddball experiences last night. Maybe someone can chime in on what to do next time: 1.) Drove a young gal to a destination where it appeared the young...