lyft pay

  1. Renna

    Lyft Express Drive Program

    Hi All, I’m trying to decide to rent a car w/ Lyft through their express drive program which requires a $250 rental deposit up front, then costs $200 per week for the rental. They do lower that weekly price if you hit a certain number of rides per week. Another plus is that they deduct the...
  2. N

    As of August 30, Lyft per mile rate decreased by 8% per email and rate card

    On August 30, 2018 I received the email stating that as of this day, distance rates will "...decrease by 8%" and time rate will increase by 31%. "You can rest assured that your time and effort are being valued even more". I call B.S. The rates are now exactly the same as Uber thus one less...
  3. WelcomeTree

    For those of you that prefer Lyft... why?

    I am here to learn, I am not trying to criticize. I ask out of sincere curiosity, I can't personally find a single reason to prefer Lyft over Uber. The pings are further away, the pay seems to be lower, (I have just been scrolling through and comparing rides on both apps that were similar...
  4. RideShareJUNKIE

    Berkeley +Lyft= don't bother.

    A monumental day of personal achievement ( this is the worst/slowest I've experienced in a year): Lyft: Online time: 4hrs 35 min Requests received: 5 Request type: All 5 were line's Requests accepted: 3 Total payout: $28 (Of 7 pax, 1- $1 tip.) Uber: Online time: 1hr 15 min Requests received: 1...
  5. black rhino

    Totally serious. Uber vs. Lyft. $$, treatment. Quick verdict

    Decided against leasing a car through Xchange to drive for uber. Far too much like being locked into a contract,$ 160/week for the car whether you drive/work or not. Too much like rent, or a bill, or ... a lease. Still evaluating ridesharing, and it seems like Lyft leans more toward a balance...