lyft mentors

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    Lyft refuses to reinterview if you fail your original mentor session.

    I tried to interview with Lyft a few months ago. The mentor seemed completely disinterested the entire time and I got the email that I was not selected to be a driver. I let it blow over and tried to reapply after six months. They are telling me if you apply and fail, you are disqualified...
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    Trouble signing up for Lyft

    Anyone else having or had a problem signing up to drive for Lyft? I schedule my mentor session and no one comes or calls. Ive done it like 3-4 time, emailed lyft support and no one has helped. Any advice?
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    Any Lyft Mentors Austin TX I Need Help!!

    Are there any mentors in the Austin, TX area. I am having problems updating information like you would not believe and Lyft is absolutely no help at all. I cannot get into my dashboard or update on the app. I sent them an email explaining all of this along with necessary documents. All they did...