lyft income

  1. Khush

    UberPool and minimum fares and low Miami rates

    1. Why am i getting UberPool requests with ONLY one party and NOT get a second party to join and so a single party ride I get paid much less which is 75 cents/ mile rate? 2. Minimum fare is $5 if the client travels 2 miles out of the $5 why do I get paid ONLY $2.60 and uber takes $2.40? with...
  2. UberrSeattle

    Devastating Lyft Tuesday morning

    I have been driving for Uber for a year and been making good extra cash. Currently, I am doing the Lyft new driver bonus $350 with 50 trips. The ridesharing experience with Lyft has not been good as Uber. I am not able to the surge price level in their driver app. They surge price level often...