lyft incentive

  1. warrior lady

    Lyft Makes Me Feel Like a Little Kid Who Has Improved My Behavior... Gold Star for Me

    Maybe I'll win a spiffy Lyft jacket and be the envy of everyone in the pig-pen.
  2. W

    Lyft Announces Savings and Retirement Solutions for Lyft Drivers

    Hello Lyft Drivers, Yesterday Lyft announced a Savings and Retirement Solutions for Lyft Drivers on the lyft blog: "We hear from drivers every day who use Lyft to help secure a bright future, from paying tuition to saving for a first home. Today, we’re excited to launch a partnership with...
  3. U

    Welp looks like the $500 Bonus for Lyft is over... Its now $350

    Just checked my email today and now the bonus is $350 each. Still the same stipulation (50 rides in 30 days)
  4. L

    Uber withholding sign-up incentive for lyft drivers

    I'm a lyft driver and recently saw that uber was having a promotion to attract lyft drivers to sign up for uber. The incentive was that all previous or current lyft drivers would receive $500 after completing 25 rides with uber. So I signed up and after completing 25 rides I did not receive the...