lyft hourly guarantees

  1. UberReallySucks

    Oh My Hourly guarantees from Pinky this week ..

    Waooo ... SMH Mon. 10/24 $18/hr from 4pm-7pm Again Waooo...
  2. UberReallySucks

    Lyft Hourly Guarantees

    So now with the hourly guarantees gone, is it even worth it to turn on the PINK App?
  3. UberReallySucks

    Lyft Hourly "Guarantees" for NEXT WEEK - Startin 07/04

    Next Week's Average Hourly Guarantees = 1 day (4th of July) Mon. 7/4 $20/hr from 12pm-5pm $30/hr from 5pm-6pm $35/hr from 6pm-10pm $45/hr from 10pm-1am