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  1. Nina2

    Lyft Allegedly Kept Driver On Platform Long After Customer Reported Kidnapping And Rape Shortly after midnight one October night in 2017, Alison Turkos left a Crown Heights bar, hopped in a Lyft with a driver who goes by the name “Raggie” and thought she was heading home...
  2. N

    8 Questions About Driving Lyft in the Boston Area

    Hi all, New Lyft driver here. I have a full-time job so for me this will be a side gig. Luckily I work from home a lot so I have a lot of downtime and am hoping to rack in some extra $$$. I live about 20mins north of Boston, MA so my primary area will be Boston and the surrounding suburbs. I do...
  3. DRIVER-99

    SB182 now Law in California

    It means Uber, Lyft and other TNC Drivers only need a business license in the city they live in, and they are covered for every city in the State.. The city of San Francisco has filed a lawsuit to challenge the validity of the law, but its provisions remain in effect unless a court finds in...
  4. M

    Problem with Navigation

    Hello, I just started driving with Lyft last week (in San Diego) and the navigation (Waze) isn't working right for me. The confirmation buttons aren't appearing when I get to pick up and drop off locations. I've seen it work for other drivers. At this point I'm having to click on the...
  5. T

    Had A Minor Accident w/ Lyft Hertz Rental - Seeking Experience/Advice

    Looking for advice because I am freaking out about it and just want some clarity. Some context: Damage is just cosmetic on the right side wheel area. Car still runs and drives perfectly fine. Accident should be in the fault of the person who hit me (she says otherwise) because she cut across...
  6. Jenner Palacios

    Uber Hunters

    Has anyone experienced an encounter with one of these? I had two encounters the same night. A Lyft representative along with a Lyft driver got in my car trying to recruit me and have me switch over to Lyft; they said they do this almost every night, all night! hunting for (sending requests for)...
  7. popcollar2014

    Friend of Pax stated, " I took a picture of your License Plate".

    I looked at her and I was like and? I guess she wasn't aware the License Plate has already been provided in the application.
  8. Cynergie

    Trump Economics, Your 2 cents Weigh In On This (Most Cynical) Observation Please....

    Hunter420: IMO because you're an Uber driver DOESN'T MEAN YOU CAN'T BE LEGALLY ONBOARDED WITH LYFT---AND "FORGET" TO POST THEIR BRAND OR GREEN TNC LICENSE ON YOUR POV. This would allow such "pure" Uber drivers to profit from picking up Lyft customers for personal gain OUTSIDE of BOTH platforms...
  9. Mr.Consistencia

    Uber full time, airport pick up, Lyft driver and Schedules, places and recommendations

    I've been driving for Uber since July 2016. I've almost always been doing part-time work on the weekends, I usually drive 16 to 25 hours a week and I can say I was doing well, sometimes $ 350, $ 450, $ 650. This week I will start driving full time. I would like you to give me your help and...
  10. valery

    New to uber NYC.. yall suck!

    I have been thru alot trying to do my TLC license and stuff and all I see on here is a bunch of negative minded crusty poop sniffers.. like, are u guys even serious? if u hate uber that much, get another job, do something else with your life instead of ruining other people (soon to be drivers)...
  11. valery

    uber vs lyft

    well I am about to start either uber or lyft, probably next week.. my question is mostly for people who are already driving for one of the platform.. what car can you recommend me to drive with, and what areas are best in nyc? queens , bx, bk or manathan? thank you for any advises whatsoever..
  12. RideshareSecrets

    Drivers with over 1k Rides

    Hello Uber People, I’m doing an expert roundup on my site and I think many Rideshare drivers would love to know your answer to this question: What are 3 valuable tips to be a successful rideshare driver? Thanks in advance! Oh and naturally, I’ll include a link back you. Please message me...
  13. Michael - Cleveland

    Stupid Questions Every Pax Asks. (join the fun...)

    PAX: So, are you from around here? Driver: No, I flew in from my beach home in Jamaica to drive you around for $0.75/mi.
  14. RideshareSecrets

    Driving For Multiple Rideshare Accounts

    How many people driver for more than 1 ridesharing company? I remember getting a ride from a uber driver and he had a total of 3 cellphones on his dash. He said he drove for Uber, Lyft and I forgot the third company. I ended up asking how much he makes and said average $2k/week. Does anyone else...
  15. RideshareSecrets

    Hello Uber People

    Hello everyone my name is A.J. I am a Lyft driver and I love it! I have been a rideshare driver for almost 2 years. I am from San Diego, CA, lived here all of my life.
  16. FAC

    Urgent advice needed: How rides are assigned?

    My mother is getting older and her health isn't the best. So I'm the one who drives her to/from doctors appt. I set her up with uber and lyft on days I can't drive her. Her free Lyft rides were expiring and I'm a brand new Lyft driver trying to get my 50 rides in so I can get my bonus. It's...
  17. PaulieG

    Lyft Driver Makes $4.80 in 3 Hours!!! $1.60 an Hour!!!

    Lyft Driver Makes $4.80 in 3 Hours!!! $1.60 an Hour!!!
  18. UberNOT4me

    LYFT driver gets deactivated by refusing to make an extra stop on Lyft Line. THE DRIVER WAS MAD BECAUSE THE GIRL IN THIS VIDEO REQUESTED AN EXTRA STOP WHEN SHE WAS ON A LYFTLINE RIDE. How rude and cheap can a person be? Lyft is HELPING the case with these incredibly cheap...
  19. Lost In Translation

    Blacklisted By Lyft

    Last August I applied to both Uber and Lyft. I was approved by Uber in 4 days. Got an extra $100 for bringing my car to their staffed driver center, which is located in the heart of San Francisco. On the road and driving. Got my airport permit, my Uber logo stickers, etc. All very efficient...
  20. afrojoe824

    Idiot Lyft drivers at LAX

    Just dropped off a pax near LAX. Checked arrivals and there seems to be 5 planes landing in the next 30 minutes. I say cool maybe I'll wait at the lot.. Until I see this s***... Staging lot on JENNY is OVERFLOWING with Lyft drivers. No parking space and they're taking up the TCP drivers...