lyft bonus

  1. U

    Lyft Promo: been awhile (725 for 75)

    Got this promo, it's been awhile... 75 rides for $725 guarantee this week. Any thoughts if it's decent? No LAX permit .... Also says no minimum acceptance rate needed. Do notice it says tips and other bonuses not included which I'd qualify for power driver for $50 (40/peak 60 total) as well...
  2. Piloto

    Lyft Bonus For The Trouble

    Lyft deposited in my account yesterday a bonus of 241.99 because I couldn’t work with its App for technical trouble, when I turned app on this by itself turned my phone on and off. I sent to them several reports of that. I drive for Uber too, but if something like this happens,UBER, NEVER...
  3. Garndtkus

    Lyft Streak Bonus

    Just wondering if you guys have seen a Lyft Streak Bonus lately? Since it has rolled out, I have only received one text saying there was a streak. I assumed it was going to be a more common thing.
  4. J

    Random $150 bonus from Lyft?

    I dont know what I did to get the bonus money but suddenly I got a direct deposit from lyft for $150. usually I cash out all my earnings Monday evening for the week before which I did and had not seen this amount available. At this point Im for sure not going to contact Lyft lol. I have a 4.9...
  5. Tennisisfun93

    Lyft sign on bonus dangled in front of my face like a carrot

    Hi my name is Dylan. Lyft's sign on bonus is the reason I am posting this thread today. This is my first time posting on this website. I've been driving for uber since November 2016, and drovefor lyft for the month of April 2017, but ripped their stickers off of my windshields yesterday, and I'd...
  6. B

    Lyft Power Zone issue

    If you are in Lyft's Power Zones, some helpful info- I've been getting these for the past several weeks and last night I got a request while I was within the zone but the 60% wasn't added. I emailed several times quoting the email that states "Simply accept rides while you're in the zone during...
  7. Wierdo

    Am I right or wrong or did Lyft screw me out of a bonus??

    So I like to start off by giving a little background to my start with lyft, I applied for more information to see what I needed to get started on November 8th at the time I used a promo code for 50 rides under a month and you get $200. So I got in touch with the mentor and my car just gave out...
  8. SMH Uber

    Lyft $500 bonus was received immediately, I thought it was a tip Glitch

    I completed my 100 rides for $500 yesterday (just under the gun on the due by date). I thought it was a tip I receive that was $5 and it was a glitch that gave me $500 instead. I'm sure if it was a mistake it would have been corrected. I'm suprised it was added so quickly. The fine print...
  9. B0hemianBoy

    Sign-up bonuses? (all cities, all locations, all companies) - YOUR OPINION WANTED + survey

    Did you sign-up with Uber (or any other rideshare company) under a promotion, and were you promised a bonus upon completing a certain number of rides? What were you offered? Did you complete on the number of rides within the allotted period of time? What happened next? - it doesn't matter...
  10. the ferryman

    Power Driver Bonus experience

    Ok, I made a little over $1,000 (gross) after everything for driving 36 hours and making the full 20% back PDB one recent week. I have never done this before. I drive a van and have get just a few Plus requests on average. I was extremely tired after a marathon Saturday session which covered 13...
  11. Trey

    Not happy over lyft not paying referral

    Last year, I started to investigate the potential of driving a car for lyft or Uber. So I signed up for Lyft to see what the deal was, but I only had a 2 seat convertible so I could not drive for them yet anyway. So... fast forward to this spring. I finally decided to get a new car and I...
  12. Uruber

    Can anyone send me a referral code?

    Seems like you can't use your own codes on you,so can someone send me one for Lyft ? you would get the referral bonus since I have never use Lyft before :) To be clear, I am a Lyft driver but never used Lyft as passenger, so the code is to ride as pax not to become a driver.
  13. ybwbqg9379

    Lyft - Never received hourly guarantee opt-in emails

    Hi there, I have a problem which is that I never gets the opt-in emails from Lyft for the Hourly Guarantee Program. I have 76 rides in total and my overall rating is above 4.90 with acceptance rate of around 90%. And this is the third week that I've been driving Lyft as a part-time driver...
  14. FAC

    Urgent advice needed: How rides are assigned?

    My mother is getting older and her health isn't the best. So I'm the one who drives her to/from doctors appt. I set her up with uber and lyft on days I can't drive her. Her free Lyft rides were expiring and I'm a brand new Lyft driver trying to get my 50 rides in so I can get my bonus. It's...
  15. PaulieG

    Lyft Driver Makes $4.80 in 3 Hours!!! $1.60 an Hour!!!

    Lyft Driver Makes $4.80 in 3 Hours!!! $1.60 an Hour!!!
  16. Akela


    This is the end, my dear friend! :mad:
  17. JerseyBoy911

    Lyft NYE Guarantee in NJ

    So anyone get this? Are you going to do it? Or do you think you'll make more in those hours in the right spots??
  18. UberrSeattle

    Devastating Lyft Tuesday morning

    I have been driving for Uber for a year and been making good extra cash. Currently, I am doing the Lyft new driver bonus $350 with 50 trips. The ridesharing experience with Lyft has not been good as Uber. I am not able to the surge price level in their driver app. They surge price level often...
  19. DieselkW

    Lyft Power Driver rules change

    Currently it must seem to Lyft that being available 50 hours a week and accepting 90% of your pings while making sure you drive the weekend bar(f) crowd home is too easy. They're going to switch to a "new and improved" system that keeps the peak hours requirement, keeps the 90% acceptance rate...
  20. Phila Uber Black

    Raise your voice to Support Philadelphia Schools and Transportation Industry

    The senate bill just introduced in house 2 days ago so it's the right time to tell our house representatives to make Philadelphia a better city for schools and transportation with this bill...