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  1. MoneyMitch

    Warning: Required Lyft App Update

    Just as a heads up, update your Lyft driver app before starting your day. Today, I had to update my Lyft driver app before I could accept a trip today. The app let me sign on and decline trips, but when it came to accepting trips it told me that I didn’t have the latest version of the Lyft app...
  2. Pax Collector

    Lyft down, the community is reeling

    As of now, Lyft is down in the San Francisco, Bay Area.
  3. YouEvenLyftBruh

    Lyft App Suggested I Use Destination Mode? here is what happened...

    ....IT WORKED! IT F-ING WORKED! Last night I was done. It was time to head home for the night. I told the app I was done, and stared the drive home. Sadly I was on the other end of the city. :mad::(:(:( Suddenly, the app popped up a message: "try destination mode" I rolled my eyes, in the...
  4. YouEvenLyftBruh

    Lyft Driver App Annoyances...

    So anyway, Lyft has been popping up this "How would rate the Lyft app" message here and there, and while, they get a B+ for effort, it's kind of a useless metric without actually sharing with them what those annoyances specifically are... some of which are only tangentially related to the app...
  5. YouEvenLyftBruh

    Lyft App Bugs Out During Ride w/3 Rambunctious Intoxipax - fun times

    In the middle of the biggest surge of the night, while drivng 3 tipsy PAX to the Havana Club Martini Bar in Buckhead, I notice that the Lyft app all of a sudden goes offline. What?! I don't know what to do, so I turn it back on, well, IMMEDIATELY I get bombarded with Ride Requests. One after...
  6. Certain Judgment

    Lyft CSR Threats?

    So I had my finger on the face of my phone because I was fumbling through web pages on Google Chrome with Uber and Lyft online. While I was doing that, Lyft, which has no time delay on the app pop up, sends me a ride request that I would have rejected otherwise and forces me to accept, because I...
  7. Certain Judgment

    A "Bailout?" More like "Bullspit!"

    I sent the following message to Lyft yesterday: Their response: I know for a fact their app switches passengers a lot more often than the parameters spelled out above. I have been around the back side of a building from a PAX or two blocks away, and the app will switch me to someone in the...
  8. Avel

    LYFT MISLEADING PROMO 40 rides = $470 guaranteed

    Im extremely upset at the miss leading and deceptive promo from this past week. I even called on Sunday to clarify. Promo Guarantee $470 for 40 rides. See Pics below. The promo also said Lyft line counts as a separate trip if pickup is in another location. I actually had over 40 rides. But thats...
  9. mags2K

    Lyft App - Questions

    1. How do I change a Pax rating via the App? I don't seem to find any visible options! 2. When I try to call a Pax via the App it gives me an error message saying " You are not on Driver mode so we cannot connect your call". What the heck does it mean. I am online with the Lyft Driver App...
  10. littleant

    Lyft: missing the 3 circular things

    hello: My app is missing the 3 circular things at the bottom of the page to show the acceptance rate, number of rides for the rush hour, & total number of rides given for the week. My app suddenly is missing this bar starting this morning. I went to the dashboard & it is missing as well...
  11. mags2K

    New Lyft Driver App

    Lyft has also just updated their crappy App with a newer version today that promises more bells and whistles. Lets check it out to see if its gotten better from before.
  12. mags2K


    Hats off to all you folks that are successfully running multiple rideshare apps on your phone. If there are any useful tips on that I would love to learn. So I figured Uber side hustle alone is not going to help me make my rent money and signed up for Lyft as well. Its been just two days on...
  13. Je0426

    Lyft -- setting destination

    In the Uber app you can set a destination so that you only receive a ping if a rider is going in the direction of the destination you're going to. I don't see that feature in using my Lyft app, however. Am I missing something? I usually use that feature going to work or going home, but don't see...
  14. george_lol

    Lyft destination filter

    Lyft turns off driver mode if destination ride not found in 15-20 minutes. Does this happen to you? For me turning it off causes Mystro to crash (known bug) and Mystro turns off Uber when that happens.
  15. Tennisisfun93

    Lyft sign on bonus dangled in front of my face like a carrot

    Hi my name is Dylan. Lyft's sign on bonus is the reason I am posting this thread today. This is my first time posting on this website. I've been driving for uber since November 2016, and drovefor lyft for the month of April 2017, but ripped their stickers off of my windshields yesterday, and I'd...
  16. M

    Lyft broken app

    Lyft been surgeing like crazy about i don't surge pay is anyone else having that problem
  17. UberReallySucks

    Lyft Pax ridiculous Cancel rate

    OK... after giving some time to the PINK this last week, I'm sorely disappointed by the rate of cancels from their idiotic PAX. It seems out of every 3 requests, 2 are cancelled, which is fine and dandy if it wasn't for the fact that the stupid pink App fails to let you know at times. I was...
  18. Phill

    iOS 10 Rolls Out Tomorrow... Who wants to bet it breaks Uber and Lyft Driver Apps?

    Hope everyone is going to enjoy the day off tomorrow cause I'm pretty sure anyone that upgrades to iOS 10 tomorrow is not gonna be able to drive. Then again you don't HAVE to upgrade... you can let all the ants do it first... perhaps swipe a few off and clear the way for others?
  19. H

    Uber Drivers are Ratchet LMBO

    Dang! This Uber driver was not satisfied with a $40 tip and the cost of a ride. He wanted more. He was going to kill a man for a bigger tip. I'm out here working for the lulz but apparently this mess is way more serious for some people. The whole reinactment deserves an Academy award. Meanwhile...
  20. H

    Data system issue

    Hey, I uploaded Lyft for Samsung on my S5 and it seems like it is wonky. Like most people I block apps systems that drain data but I think maybe one of the ones I have blocked is messing with Lyft now that I did the last update. What are the essential Samsung systems I have to have unblocked...