1. N

    13 Tips in a Row!

    I've been doing a lot of airport runs for a few days at Logan (to/from) and got a few good scheduled rides in between. Hit a milestone of 13 tips in a row before the streak was broken by some millennial cheap ass who complained about me taking 90W instead of Storrow. Oh well, the extra $8 in...
  2. TecJay

    Shortage of Lyft Drivers

    I took an Uber passenger home Saturday night that mentioned she preferred Lyft. Her reasoning was the tipping option. She said she hardly ever carries cash and feels bad when she can't tip. I myself have square and paypal to take payments for another small biz. I don't use these options to take...
  3. 1scottyj

    New cars for Lyft Drivers

    Lyft is rolling out the new Lyft vehicle you can lease for driving. I don't know.. it's a bit too over the top. Don't think I'd drive one.