1. E

    Rental car to drive Uber?

    Hi, i'm new member here. I'm looking for a rental car to drive Uber and Lyft. I don't want to buy car first. I would like to try renal car (if there is any) for a month and then i will buy my own car. Do you know does any rental in Jersey City provide car to drive Uber and Lyft or not? Please...
  2. SEAMT

    Who's Competing with Uber?

    Who's Competing with Uber? Article from CNBC, author by Uptin Saiidi Uber faces fierce competition across the globe. The controversial tech company has lost billions of dollars over the past few years amid its attempts to gain users and penetrate major markets: Last year it lost $4.5 billion...
  3. K


    i just got a message from lyft saying that they have updated their power driver bonus now they changed to 35 peak / 65 rides total with 90%?? been doin barely 30-35 rides a week and exactly 15 peak after work & on saturdays and got that extra $50 almost every week. did everyones PDB has...
  4. L

    How to Participate in change

    hi guys, So in order to change uber and lyft pay scale we have to put pressure on our local elected officials. So bright and early I want you to find out who the president of your states Public Utility Commission is and give him a call. Be very polite and simply ask what steps are being taken to...
  5. Samuel ad

    was robbed and assaulted by a lyft passenger-then fired as a driver!

    really! my car was damaged, some cash stolen, my car stolen (and then returned) . I gave lyft all my details on what happened. -two days later i was fired! how can i appeal the decision? best! samuel
  6. H


    I know everyone has a different PDB program. I just got used to this schedule, now they wanna emancipate us even more. I have 10 more rides to do every week, my friend has 20!! But in 2 weeks he went from having to do 80 rides to 130 rides and from getting 240 dollar free rental to 130 dollar...
  7. Manotas

    email from Uber inquiring "if you drive for others"

    Did anyone else get this email? ... Also on a related note, I tried opening my driving summaries from Lyft via app and website and it's not available. huh? BTW the link to the email sends you to this site:
  8. Manotas

    Uber Facing Lawsuit in Chicago for Violating Wheelchair Laws A Chicago-based disability rights group on Thursday filed a federal lawsuit against Uber, alleging the ride-hailing company has violated wheelchair accessibility laws. The lawsuit, filed by...
  9. Manotas

    Underage rider question asked

    On this weeks email from Lyft Community Digest, They answered a question I keep seeing posted everywhere regarding giving rides to minors without adults. Looks like Lyft is reading up on these boards too.
  10. Manotas

    Here we go again... Lyft lowering rates

    Just got this email from Lyft... I think I might just stop driving until the high season starts again Competitive Strategy Update With colleges on break, summer can be a slower season for rides - and we've got all hands on deck to help. We know from testing prices in the...
  11. Manotas

    Who Will Acquire Lyft? This Monday the Wall Street Journal reported that Lyft has hired Qatalyst Partners, the Frank Quattrone-founded investment bank known for its role in technology M&A. This has sparked speculation that the ride-hailing company is gauging...
  12. Manotas

    Another reason why I'm driving for Lyft only

    I got this response after I had a Pax bring to my car 2 small childer (one of them child seat age), after I told the Pax I couldn't take them I closed the ride & reported to Lyft in case he was going to complain about me refusing a ride ===================================== T... (Lyft) May...
  13. Manotas

    Lyft supports us & tips

    Did anyone else got this email??? Lyft Supports You People have a lot of opinions about tipping. With the recent news about Uber's choice not to support tips for drivers, we wanted to share why Lyft thinks differently. We started Lyft with the idea of building a community that...
  14. AustinTNCDriverPresident

    TNC Drivers United Mission Statement

    Mission, Vision & Core Values TNC Drivers United (TNCDU) is a not for profit driver membership association located in Austin which is dedicated in advocating fairness, due process, and openness in the Transportation Network Company (TNC) industry throughout Central Texas and represents drivers...
  15. SD Momo

    Uber Riders in Lyft Platform

    I have always prefer Lyft riders over Uber riders. The average waiting time was far less for Lyft riders. They were friendlier, and tip more often. Uber riders on the other hand asked for water, charger and a auxiliary cable to play their music for 5 blocks. Lyft riders rarely asked for these...
  16. Hybrids

    How much NJ UberX / Lyft make these days without a guarantee?

    i didn't drive Uber for a couple months; just do one trip to maintain an active status. Trying Lyft a couple trips, feeling so so. The passengers are just nicer. But that's it. Money isn't any good. Mostly short trips but not very very short like Uber. So, wondering how much you guys make on...
  17. C

    Downtown to Northglenn..

    (Lyft)Use to be easily $40 around 1AM, last night I got $13.62 after fees. It really does suck out there. I urge everyone to get a better job. I averaged out $10 per hour, my full time job pays more.
  18. ACCiNEED

    LYFT pax are marking wrong pickup to avoid primetime

    Was at JWAirport in Orange County and LYFT was at a 100% primetime and had three pax in a row after requested pickup all located just outside airport, one was actually on 405 freeway. So text to verify if at airport arrival or address is correct. And they all said at airport and so in...