1. Nina2

    If you want a huge tip get a rolls royce

    Uber Pool in Rolls Royce Ghost ($5,000 Tip)
  2. S

    Why is the Volvo XC60 not Select?!!

    I'm in Los Angeles, and can't understand this. The XC60 is more expensive, larger and more luxurious than Volvo S60, BMW X1, and Audi Q3, which are all on the Select list, and is on par with BMW X3, Audi Q5 ... so how does it not meet the requirements for Select? It has leather seats, is...
  3. Mary3200

    Mears Lawsuit - Luxury Drivers Signup NOW to protect your claim!

    1. Read the lawsuit: 2. Signup to protect your claim. 3. Read how the IRS determines IC status: If you are a current driver don't be alarmed. The...
  4. starlightdiscs

    Gold Coast Charter Operator requires expert advice.

    Hi, 10 months ago I got a $26000 loan and purchased a 14 seat Toyota Commuter. Have been doing a load of Brisbane airport work and the odd charter here and there. My repayments are $135 a week. Even on a few jobs a week I have been getting around $400-$800. So I have been making some money. Not...
  5. E

    Interested doing Uber Black in Washington D.C

    Hi, I have been driving part time for UberX for the past week and I have made 70 trips in Richmond. I own a black Audi A4 2012 and I read somewhere that my vehicle qualifies for UberBlack but since Richmond don't offer it, I can only do UberX. I am able to keep my UberX for Richmond and get...
  6. D

    Brand new Lexus GX for rent or revenue share. Uber luxury SUV.

    Did you know that a $20 ride with uber X is $140 with luxury SUV? If you have a 4.8 star rating, move to a brand new Lexus GX and make much more money without adding miles to your current car. Rent or revenue share. You just pay for gas. We take care of everything else. Even commercial...
  7. B

    Love my job so do yours

    How's it going guys? This is my introduction. Great title right? Name is Michael, I'm 23 and I love to drive for Uber. Don't get me confused with a freak cause of course I don't like the pay either, especially since I use my Mercedes but I like it because I get to meet new people and...
  8. RVA gogiver

    Getting new vehicle.

    I am just getting started and want to buy a new car to drive for UBER. My two choices are a Taurus and a FIAT 500L. The taurus is larger and a much nicer (Luxurious) car. Leather seats and very nice. On the other hand the FIAT is smaller but actually has more leg room in the back. It also get...