lux lux suv driver select uber

  1. Serge Que

    LUX we have a problem!

    Hey guys! So,,, the LUX guys are now FU**D !!! Today as I drive strictly LUX I got 3 X requests and 1 LUX which cancelled a second after I accepted. I emailed support to find out whats going on... Well, youre not going to like this! "Happy to explain why you're also getting uberX requests...
  2. T

    Why lux and lux suv driver never say nothing about earning.

    I'm about to get an lux suv vehicle to jump from X, but it seen that those driver EGO its too big to be on this forum, I know few lux suv driver and they always tell me to upgrade but nobody ever show me they earning. I just hope somebody can truly tell me if is worth to buy a $30000 suv. I'm...