1. Edman

    Another VIP Occurrence/Incident!!!!LOL

    Last week I picked up VIP rider from the Atlantic Station. She was visiting from Miami and you can tell she was RICH lady in her late 50’s. Well, she had 3 other companion girls with her sitting in the back seat and this VIP Rich Lady sat up front with me but did not care to put on her seat belt...
  2. A

    Why don't we strike?

    When is it enough? We are "contractors" yet we are forced to take pool, we are forced to accept every trip and we are not allowed to cancel. In other words our safety is at risk by being forced to drive under the worst conditions and pick up riders that might challenge our safety. We are also...
  3. drive&survive

    uber Is going to take your flexibility slowly

    As you all know the app now lets you accept fare before droping of your pax, and if you don't accept it, it counts against your acceptance rating and you can't go offline while on trip (no options for it), so if you decide to drop off your last pax and go home afterwards you will receive a ping...