lower fares

  1. Waingro

    Uber Pool Hack disclosed to me from a PAX - Uber Pool Fare Price Lowers

    Hi Ants, An Uber pool pax showed me an interesting hack in that if you use a major drop off as the destination like Sydney Town Hall or Central Station in the suggested destinations instead of entering a street address like 281 Clarence Street or pointing the pin to anything other than a major...
  2. Bandy

    Uber Starts Charging What It Thinks You’re Willing to Pay

    The ride-hailing giant is using data science to engineer a more sustainable business model, but it’s cutting drivers out from some gains. Uber drivers have been complaining that the gap between the fare a rider pays and what the driver receives is getting wider. After months of unsatisfying...
  3. afrojoe824

    My New Uber X Car for .90cents a mile

    Since I didn't want to ruin my somewhat brand new 2015 Honda Accord Hybrid I decided to upload a new car for my uberX account. It's perfect for .90cents a mile. Now I don't have to worry about selecting only surge fares. I could go back to selecting regular fares. Hell, if Uber Lowers the...
  4. Driving4Dollars

    Drivers: want to make a fair amount using Uber and Lyft? We already have the power to do it!

    IMPORTANT: How to restore our Driver income to make driving with UBER profitable again! It's perfectly legal and our contract right! SUGGESTION: DO NOT GO ON STRIKE OR SAY ANYTHING TO RIDERS CRITICAL OF UBER OR LYFT. RIDERS CAN FORM THEIR OWN CONCLUSIONS. BE 100% CONSISTENT AND INSIST...
  5. Nicholas Bailey

    So. Uber has lowered our fares again.

    Has everyone gotten this email? Marketing or is Uber sticking it to the drivers?