low uber rates

  1. Driving4Dollars

    Drivers: want to make a fair amount using Uber and Lyft? We already have the power to do it!

    IMPORTANT: How to restore our Driver income to make driving with UBER profitable again! It's perfectly legal and our contract right! SUGGESTION: DO NOT GO ON STRIKE OR SAY ANYTHING TO RIDERS CRITICAL OF UBER OR LYFT. RIDERS CAN FORM THEIR OWN CONCLUSIONS. BE 100% CONSISTENT AND INSIST...
  2. K

    Everyone look under your seat! You get Uber free.. EVERYONE gets Uber free!

    So I was at the university today. Someone posted these signs all over. Free Uber rides for one and all! It's the Oprah car giveaway effect! You get an Uber driver! You get an Uber driver! You get an Uber driver! Everyone gets an Uber driver freeeeeeeeee! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!