low rider amount

  1. Traciee

    Driving in Lynchburg or do I make the trip & drive in Roanoke on weekends (I barely know the area)

    Maybe this seems like an odd request/question -- I have never cancelled/denied one trip -- drove and have 4.57 rating -- don't even begin to understand why ?? I have 24 - 5 Starctrips with one written *Brag* compliment stating 'I rock!' I am never late -- keep H2o in my car car is a 2014 Mazda...
  2. A

    Decrease in rides since October ended

    I drive weekend nights in Denver and surrounding Metro area, and since October ended, I've seen a huge decrease in riders each night. I was out for four hours on Saturday and didn't get a sing ride request. Has this been happening to anyone else?