low rating

  1. Charbenji

    Low rating rider retaliations

    So I'm fairly new, 2 months in with uber/lyft. I see I lot of people 1-staring passengers left and right on this forum. My question is do you guys face any retaliation from riders after 1 staring them? You as a driver have to rate them immediately after dropping a passenger off before accepting...
  2. N

    Have you 1 stared a repeat customer that tips?

    Have you ever 1 or 2 stared a tipping customer because they're that bad? I have, here's mine (sorry its long): Last winter I had this same customer twice each time she tipped me $10. She is a 60 some thing year old 'single' woman First ride: Drove 5 miles to pick her and her man up from the...
  3. Maven

    11 Ways to Get Deactivated

    Business Insider Jul. 23, 2017 By Avery Hartmans http://www.businessinsider.com/how-uber-drivers-get-deactivated-2017-7/ 10 ways Uber drivers can get kicked off the app Even minor infractions can get drivers kicked off the Uber app.Spencer Platt/Getty For anyone who's ever had a bad Uber...
  4. Kawiz03

    Not today Satan

    Got this "great" rider request while sitting at Verizon in a 200% zone na bruh you got me messed up
  5. Shan511

    Will you accept this ping????

    Im not....
  6. Traciee

    Driving in Lynchburg or do I make the trip & drive in Roanoke on weekends (I barely know the area)

    Maybe this seems like an odd request/question -- I have never cancelled/denied one trip -- drove and have 4.57 rating -- don't even begin to understand why ?? I have 24 - 5 Starctrips with one written *Brag* compliment stating 'I rock!' I am never late -- keep H2o in my car car is a 2014 Mazda...
  7. Edman

    How can Uber boast about higher earnings?

    I am a new driver but this morning I went out for 5 hours and made only $ 28.00. How can Uber boast about higher earnings? When in reality with hourly rate it's much lower? Is Atlanta market over saturated with drivers? I don't understand why Uber keeps looking for new drivers???
  8. ChrisRap

    4.67 Rating After My First 12 Fares

    Hello, I was hoping that someone could give me insight into this. I'm a new Uber driver and I thought every trip went really well. I don't really know what I did wrong - am I just unlucky? There were no complaints at all in the car while I was driving. There are no comments or anything for me...
  9. McLaurin

    Low Rating: 4.45 After 11 Ratings

    Has anyone else had a rating below 4.5 after such a short time (10 hours total driving, 11 ratings total)? I've done none of the things that Uber suggests that may cause low ratings such as have a bad attitude or poor driving. All 11 of my rides were rowdy drunk college students from 10pm-12am...
  10. UberMeansSuper

    4.2? Nah, bro. ACRO!

    Dallas is a $0.85/mi + $0.10/min / $5 minimum fare city with a $0 cancellation fee. If I see yahoos with low ratings on non-surge, it's ACRO time! I believe low ratings like this aren't just a few 1- or 4-stars' worth of ratings. They're consistent bad ratings by other drivers, so you must be...
  11. Sije125@gmail

    Cigarette Smell

    OK, so yesterday i took my car to the shop to get some work done. I had to uber back home and that was fine. later on that day i had to uber back when my car was ready, and i requested an uber. The guy had a 4.2 rating, and when i saw that i wondered how it could be so low? Well when he pulled...
  12. U

    Finally Unchained and deactivated !!

    After a weekend night of dealing with lowlife uberXers i got the "deactivated" email from my X Master. And here is my response to him: "Deactivated"?! Low rating?! Did the low raters explained the reason why they rated me low?! Or did uber took every low rating for granted?! Are all the uberX...
  13. M

    how is the ratings for just yeaterday and today

    i'm getting hit with low ratings started from yesterday and today is anyone getting low ratings as well ?
  14. August1

    Uber passengers suck!!!!

    Last week, my weekly rating was 4.61. My average dropped to 4.78. It's still pretty @@@@in high but not for uber. I have no idea why! I kiss all of my fares asses and I know I didn't rate many people badly and the lowest rating I did give out was one "three star". It sucks to know that these...