low rates

  1. Attockpak1

    #me two

    I was in NJ put DF on... got a fare... didn't realize I would get raped by fuber... Forgot to add this is probably punishment this was 2nd ride since last last may... #me2...
  2. Uberdriver_Orlando


    I hope this image is self explanatory. All these people (and this is only a few places), waiting for uber x.., have money to go out, have fun, spend money, and get drunk. But, Uber doesn't want to charge a surge rate to get these people home safe and help the drivers make some better money.. (...
  3. Uberdriver_Orlando

    Pulled from hot spot!

    I can't understand what is happening in our sad depressing market lately. For the past few weeks things have been extremely screwed up with the method of receiving ride request. I have been in the parking lot of cowboys, on the side road of gilt during the surges. ( which are now adjust non...
  4. U

    Protest the low rates. Stand together.

    I want all Nashville Uber drivers to band together and protest the low fares! Without us there is no Uber. I would love to arrange a day where we protest outside of the corporate office in Germantown. We need our voices heard and things to change. Every city does things differently in terms of...
  5. Edman

    How can Uber boast about higher earnings?

    I am a new driver but this morning I went out for 5 hours and made only $ 28.00. How can Uber boast about higher earnings? When in reality with hourly rate it's much lower? Is Atlanta market over saturated with drivers? I don't understand why Uber keeps looking for new drivers???
  6. Uruber

    Lets control the SURGE!!

    If 20 passengers need a ride in lets say Beverly Hills, and they all pool, there is only 10 drivers getting those rides,what it is not only bad for the low rates the paxs pay for the pool ride,it is also avoiding other 10 drivers to get a rides, putting this in other words ...,,POOL kills the...
  7. BettIaGuy

    Fake trip requests to deter me from driving

    I just signed on for the first time in almost two months since the rates were slashed, but only did so to remain active. My plan was to take one trip (if one would come in) and then go silent again until the rates go back up when I may drive again on a regular basis. Shortly after I signed on, I...
  8. Driving4Dollars

    Drivers: want to make a fair amount using Uber and Lyft? We already have the power to do it!

    IMPORTANT: How to restore our Driver income to make driving with UBER profitable again! It's perfectly legal and our contract right! SUGGESTION: DO NOT GO ON STRIKE OR SAY ANYTHING TO RIDERS CRITICAL OF UBER OR LYFT. RIDERS CAN FORM THEIR OWN CONCLUSIONS. BE 100% CONSISTENT AND INSIST...
  9. 2hot2handle

    Uber Adds Jaguar Tickets And Veterans Donations To App Yet No Tips..HAHA

    If that doesn't tell you how your employer, partner, boss or whatever really think about you then...... Uber makes sure they can hook everybody up but still no tips for the people that make them the money must be nice for them. Makes me think they don't give a shit but maybe we are last in line.
  10. 2hot2handle

    PAY 25% More OR ELSE - Uber New Commission Rate

    So guys I see that uber is making mo money mo money mo money and now taking 25% off the rip so now that will be about $0.50 per mile, I think its time to quit this is BS now they going to damn far. So they uped the rider fee so they can make more money then they are taking 25% for more money...
  11. Nancyl8198

    Lyft lowering prices in Tampa Bay!

    I got an email this evening saying they are lowering prices by 11%! On one hand we'll get more rides, but on the other it's probably going to be the same as uber now. They didn't say the exact pricing. Did anyone see that? It starts next Monday.
  12. ubermandfw

    UBER-X What You Should Know

    A recent poll shows that 70% of business travelers are using ride-share like UBER and LYFT. The most popular UBER service is "UBER-X" know for being friendly and thrifty. The cost for UBER-X during non-peak periods is 10 cents per minute and 85 cents per mile, with a minimum charge of $3.50...